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Meet Colin!


I have been delivering P.E. Sessions at Laira Green since the start of the new school year in September 2013 covering the whole school from foundation stage to year 6. I consider myself to be a lucky man doing something so rewarding!

So who is this lucky man?

My name is Colin Bunney. I am 62 years old and have been involved in playing, managing and coaching football for more years than I can remember! Alongside this I have had a rewarding and successful career in the civil service specialising in explosives!

I have now worked for Plymouth Argyle for the last 7 years as a coach in the Community Trust. I have been running the after school football club at Laira since 2011 and such is my affection for the school I had no hesitation when I was asked to teach across the school covering PPA.

Throughout my sessions we will cover the fundamental skills – running, changing direction, hopping, catching, passing and decision making. As the year progresses, in KS2 these skills are developed further in developing an understanding of Handball. We will also cover attacking, defending and spatial awareness as we address a number of sports and games.

My love and passion for PE has never left me and working with the children has given me more energy and enthusiasm – if that is possible! It gives me the biggest thrill to see all of the children getting involved and joining in regardless of their abilities. I want to inspire and motivate them in the hope that the good habits I teach them with regards to the benefit of a healthy and active lifestyle will stay with them for as long as it has with me.

At Laira Green we are lucky enough to have a fantastic sports coach called Colin from Plymouth Argyle to come and teach each class some of their PE sessions.

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