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Laira Greenshoots Community Forum Minutes

Meeting minutes 8th November 2016

In Attendance: Becky, Annamarie, Claire, Liam and Lisa

Finance: Looked at the current bank statement and it was noted that the current balance is around £2300

BBQ Food for the Christmas Fayre:

Emily has offered to organise the purchase of the meat/rolls/cheese – Becky to check prices.

Emily to purchase:

3 x 48 burgers

3 x 40 sausages

1 pack of 120 cheese

150 cup drinks

100 water

1 box of penny sweets

3 x bags of onions- Claire purchasing

2 x large Colemans ketchup (Iceland) – Annamarie purchasing

1 x medium mustard – Annamarie purchasing

Firelighters, coffee, mugs, kitchen towel, water, cups – Check at next meeting in the Dell

Napkins x 400 – Lisa to purchase (Wilkinsons)

120 cans to be purchased – Annamarie

Becky to ask Charlotte to ask Sam about freezer storage

Milk – Becky to check on quantity with Lynn and Carol

Paper plates – 100 – Lisa to purchase

Sugar and sweeteners – Lisa

1 tub consolation sweets – Emily

Discussed the tables used to protect the BBQ – Liam suggested that we could look at the use of palates and he will look into it. Discussed the issues of the tables and the challenge of removing them to the tip.

Actions from last weeks meeting minutes:

Lisa to purchase wipes

Annamarie to purchase face painting brushes

Volunteers: discussed the current issues that we are facing this year.

Becky to speak to Mr George, all forum members to check to see if we can ask more teachers i.e.: Mr Watson and Mr Blake??

It was discussed that if we do not have enough volunteers then we will need to reduce the amount of activities that we provide on the day.

Also discussed what we currently subsidise for the school and maybe in the future this could be looked at by the forum to see what is the best use of the money raised.

Drinks list checked and agreed.

Floor plan – looked over and discussed. Discussed the foundation rooms – possibly maybe tight with the owls, bric-a-brac, face painting and craft activity – Becky feels sure that this will be fine.

Discussed the plan for the Friday and the schedule for the Saturday.

Becky to send out a message to all forum members to agree a date for us to undertake a sort out at the Dell, tombola sort out in preparation for Saturday.


Minutes for meeting held on Tuesday 18th October

Attendees: Becky, Charlotte, Margaret,Annamarie Bianca, Aretha and Craig.

Apologies: Sarah, Lisa S., Claire, Lisa

Previous Minutes:

Becky to still investigate options for clearing under decking. Will check with Mr Spencer about how necessary it is given the space is unusable. If needs be, we shall pay to have it scrapped as other options don’t seem viable.


120 hotdogs = 20 tins of 8 hotdogs (including 4 veggie) and 12 packs on 10 rolls. – Annamarie has sourced cheap prices at Tesco (17p per hotdog (not including ketchup/serviettes/onions).

Needed: Ketchup

4 bags of frozen Onions


Bread knives

DELL to be BOOKED from 2.30

Remainder of disco sweets

Drinks from storage cupboard

Becky to check sale is OK with Miss Bailey.

Kirsty to make poster

Forum to ask Claire if we can use her slow cookers to warm sausages in the Dell.


Becky to ask Miss Bailey if she is able to take photos of the disco.

Forum to make sure first aid boxes are accessible.

Becky to check if DJ needs extension cable.

Charlotte to buy 2 x 1 litre of summer fruit squash from Sainsbury’s on Wednesday.

Forum to meet at 1.30 at the reception.

Liability Insurance received from DJ.

Risk Assessment checked with Forum and agreed on main concerns and to remember we cannot lock back door but shall supervise to ensure children don’t go into the playgrounds. Exit from Key Stage 2 will be clearly organised.

Christmas Fayre (Saturday 26th November):

We have enough snow machine liquid.- Entrance volunteer to man this.

12 Traders booked. Charlotte will see if there are any others.

Becky to make staff volunteer sign up sheet ASAP and put up on staff board.

We have 400 games prizes. 300 more are needed. Forum to source and purchase these – 10p or less.

Becky to sort Mufti donation list.

Jim has agreed to be Santa. We are considering having the tap dancing on the Greenshoots decking if Mrs Owen thinks this is OK, so may time this with giving Santa a break.

Choir will be attending – details to be sorted with Mrs Buckingham.

Tap dancing- Margaret to speak to Mrs Owen.

Becky to contact Jason to see if he would like a stall.

Forum need to find the posters.

Owls to be placed in the rear of the back foundation room, once agreed this is OK with the foundation team/Miss Bailey.

Bouncy Castle in the Green Dell room and Party Princesses in the back Dell room.

Becky to speak to the office about ordering balloons.


* Name the Bear – Jean Price purchasing Reindeer. Becky to make sheet.

* Guess the weight of the cake – Margaret’s mum to make the cake – Becky to make sheet once weight is known.

* Agreed to do a baubles craft activity (50 baubles and some foam stickers to be purchased. Charge: 30p. Maximum cost to spend £5-£7 approximately.)

* Chocolate Tombola – 30p

* Lucky Dip – 30p – Becky to make poster? – Charlotte to bring in bucket Annamarie and Charlotte getting prizes – Margaret wrapping

* Santa’s Grotto – £1.50

* Grabber Game – £1.50

* Colin – Crossbar Challenge (forum to check with Colin)

* Decorate Santa Hat Competition – £1 (taken at the forum table? – Becky to sort poster/flyers etc) – Becky to make poster

* Candy Cane Capture – NEED TO BUY CANDY CANES – Becky to make poster

* Facepainting/Tattoos

* (Becky to get paper)

* Bottle Lotto

Games needing 10p Prizes

* Tinsel Tug

* Nerf the…- Charlotte to sort – Becky to make Poster

* Jelly Dive

* Card Game- get wooden holder from Maz

* Rudolf Tank (check with Lisa)

* Spin the wheel

* Lucky Sock – Becky to make and Becky to make poster

* Snowman Target – check if have balls

* Splat the rat?????

Becky and Charlotte to meet Friday morning to check games etc. (reminder- Becky to help put up Greenshoots banner Friday too).

Becky to get 4 DBS forms for volunteers.

Next Meeting to be arranged via Messenger/or at the Disco set up on Thursday.


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