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Katusha Edwards

My name is Katusha Edwards and I have been a member of the Forum since it started in 2010. I am the Treasurer of the Forum. I have two children – one in Year 3 at Laira Green called Ben. Being a member of the Forum is hard work but the rewards from seeing families enjoying the events, makes it worthwhile.

Emma Lynch

Hi my name is Emma Lynch and I have also been a member of the Forum since it began in 2010.  I am Secretary of the Forum.  I have three children at Laira Green – Daisy in Year 5, Molly in Year 3 and Finn in Foundation.  I joined the Forum initially because I wanted to be involved in my childrens’ education.  I love watching parents and children having fun at the events and feel proud to be a part of such a great team.

Becky Farr Barron

My name is Becky Farr-Barron.  I am mum to Amber (5yrs), who is in Foundation at Laira Green, and Jacob (3yrs) who attends Greenshoots pre-school.  I joined the parents’ Forum last year (2013) and have since discovered how much hard work goes into raising extra funds.  I enjoy being part a team that makes a positive contribution to our school, pre-school, pupils and community.

Charlotte Foster

My name is Charlotte Foster. I joined the Forum in February 2014. I have 2 children, Leon who is in Year 2 at Laira Green and Alex who attends Greenshoots pre school.  I joined the forum because I have seen how much of a difference the present team has made raising money for the school and pre-school and I wanted to offer my help as well.

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