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Year Two

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Dragonflies at Forest School

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Butterflies at Forest School

Welcome back to another year of Forest School for Laira Green! My very own Butterflies class are the first to enjoy sessions in what will hopefully be a very mild autumn. Despite a few light showers on our arrival and return, it proved this time to be a fairly dry one. The letters that go out do stress the need for wet weather gear so jumpers for coats or coats with no hoods will just not suffice. Please, wherever possible, can the children bring appropriate outer garments.


The children took a while to get themselves organised but before too long we headed up to the equipment store and loaded up with ropes and tarps for our morning in the woods. Upon arrival the children were encouraged to observe the environment around them; to notice the human and natural impact on the area and appreciate the calmness of a great space that is local to the majority of them. Five, distinct natural artefacts were collected by the children and they ranged from pine cones (and plenty of them!), gems (a few quartz fragments of different sizes) to a harvestman spider! Plenty of discussion was had around the items and it was decided to bring the pine cones back to school to make a display.

Dens were suggested by the children and they jumped at the chance to form groups and raise a shelter. The level of perseverance on show was great to see and many children even linked it to our Building Learning Power friend, Tough Tortoise. This totem helps us to remember to be resilient and not give up in all of our experiences and learning, a worthy trait.

The long held Forest School favourite of a rope swing was raised again and the children made sure that the rules they had determined were followed well. Some of them had a really good go at being responsible for pushing their peers on the swing, a valiant effort requiring strength and control. Well done!  One of the activities that has always grabbed the children’s imagination is the tying up of a climbing rope to assist them in ascending what become quite a slippery muddy slope. Some unexpected, imaginative fun from an excited child’s mind. Forest School indeed, brilliant!

Here’s looking forward to next week for Butterflies class where hopefully Mrs Norgate will be able to join us in the outdoors fun. Some sun would be lovely too!


Until then,


Mr Blake

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