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In 2013-14

Trip to Manor Court July 2014

Last week Hazel class went on a trip to Manor Court to celebrate the anniversary of the NHS. We had a lovely time learning about the origin of the NHS and trying out some medical equipment. We all sung happy birthday to the NHS and then had a big cake to celebrate!

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Science Experiments – July 2014

During science week, Hazel class were stranded on a desert island! We had to work out how to feed ourselves, purify water, clean our dirty dishes and make a boat with a strong enough sail that we could escape from the island. We could only use the resources in a trunk which had washed up on the island with us and anything which could be found on a desert island.

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Hazel Class and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – June 2014

Hazel class were lucky enough to go and watch a performance by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Guild Hall in Plymouth. It was a brilliant show and we were amazed at how talented all the musicians were. We even got to join in with some part, performing actions and making sound effects. Thank you to Mrs Buckingham for organising the trip for us and taking us.

Hazel Class Visit Morwellham Quay in June 2014

On Tuesday 3rd June, Hazel class went on a trip to Morwellham Quay, to find out some more about what life was like for rich and poor people in the Victorian times. We had the opportunity to dress up as Victorian children, go into a copper mine, experience child labour and take part in a Victorian school lesson! We had a brilliant time and learnt lots too!

Hazel Class Assembly – Summer Term 2014

Hazel’s Assembly was fantastic, lots of performance and singing. They played ocarinas, did a scene from Oliver (adapted!) and talked about how they use the literacy toolkit in their writing. They also took us on a time travelling adventure back to Victorian school days. The children were taught by a very strict Mr Young!

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Fairtrade Event – April 2014

During Fair-trade fortnight the children in Hazel class completed an activity where they had to take on the role of farmers growing bananas in the Caribbean. Some of the children worked on fair-trade farms and others didn’t. The children got to see the difference it makes to the farmers’ lives when we buy fair-trade products and it helped us to realise how important this issue is.

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Cookery – April 2014

In Hazel class this term, the children have been learning about what kinds of food were eaten in Ancient Greece. The children then came up with their own pitta bread recipes, which the baked on Friday and evaluated afterwards. They were all surprisingly yummy, even with some peculiar flavour combinations!

Hazel Class at the allotment March 2014

Another lovely day for being outside! At the allotment we planted more seeds and some seed potatoes. Jason kept us very busy and time flew! The weather was beautiful for the walk to the valley, just like summer. The children made bugs from sticks, clay, beads and natural materials. We sat and listened to the lovely birdsong and Heather then lead a circle game.


Laira Green boys visit PAFC January 2014

On 23rd December 2013 four boys from KS2 visited GOALS and Home Park Stadium to meet the players and enjoy a VIP day out. Here are there comments about their day…

A letter to Marvin Morgan by Owen Thomas

Dear Marvin

My name is Owen.  On the Monday before Christmas I went for a tour around Argyle with my friend Fabian.  We represented our school, Laira Green Primary.  We were looking forward to seeing Romauld Boco and the other players in the Argyle team.  It was a shame that you were not there.

We also went to GOALS to watch the team train, it was really cool.  Then we went back up to where the players have lunch and we ate with them before a quick tour around Home Park, it was really fun.

For lunch we had pasta, potatoes, bolonnaise, chicken and two doughnuts.  After lunch we saw lots of people getting their shorts signed, so we watched the players for a while.  Soon it was time to go back to the shop and meet my mum who was outside.  That was the end of our tour around Argyle.

Goodbye, I hope you get better soon.

Owen Thomas


My visit to Argyle by Jack Evans

In December I went to GAOLS with Kaillum, Owen, Fabian and daddy.  We went to watch Plymouth Argyle Football Club and have lunch with them.       After lunch we had two lovely doughnuts, one chocolate, one vanilla, both had sprinkles on them.

Then we went to the ground.  It was raining so we stood in the dug-out.  We met lots of players that day, it was a very busy day.  When I got home I was very tired but I know it was a very special day because not many boys get to do what I did and meet their football team.

Jack Evans

My day at Argyle by Kailum Stewart

Me, Jack, Owen and Fabian went to GOALS and then to Plymouth Argyle. At Goals we watched the footballers train.  There was a lot of noise at GOALS because it was very windy.  After a short while we left GOALS and went to the stadium.  We learnt what it takes to be a manager then we had lunch and went to the car park to go home.

Kailum Stewart

A letter about the day by Fabian Rowe

Dear Everyone

I loved going to Argyle because I learnt new things about football and we had lots of food for lunch which was very nice.  It was a fantastic day because I usually only get to see the football players on FIFA 11.  I always try to be Plymouth Argyle when I play on FIFA on my Xbox and we usually win! It was great to see them in real life.  I saw Boco, Hourihan, Jake Cole, Mc Cormick and Alessandra.  I thought we saw Rueben Reid but my friend said he wasn’t there so I’m not sure.  The players showed us around GOALS which was also good.

Fabian Rowe

Crop Picking at the allotment November 2013

Hazel Class enjoyed their day at Forest Schools.  During their visit to the allotment they learned about root vegetables and dug up some parsnips and carrots. Many of the fruits in our allotment are now ready for picking including the cooking and eating apples.  You can see from the photographs that we have had a bumper crop this year.

The children then spent time at Forest Schools looking for signs of winter and the changing seasons.

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Martial Arts Class October 2013

Birch, Ash and Hazel class were lucky enough a have a visit from Master St James Black Belt Academy. Two of their black belt coaches came in to run a PE session and teach the children some of their moves. Have a look to see what we got up to! Some of the children were so focussed they were awarded a white belt at the end of the session. Well done to all involved.

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Hazel Class Assembly October 2013

The children in Hazel class had their in class assembly last week. First, the parents were treated to a musical performance of the children playing ocarinas. This was followed by the children impressing their parents with all the information they had learnt about coral. We then all took part in an RTime session and had a go at quilling. A great time was had by all!

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October 2013

Year 5/4 Hazel Class enjoyed their visit to the allotment last week. We were going to learn about green veg but they had all been eaten by the caterpillars!!  We did learn about broccoli and found out that the bit we eat is the flower bud.

We went to Efford Valley for a play on the trim trail before colour matching activities.  The exciting part of our day was when we did a scavenger hunt. We had to find as many items as we could on the forest floor.  Look at the sheet below to see how many you can find on your next visit to the woods!

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Be a Nature Detective and play the Autumn Scavenger Hunt!


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