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More from 2013-14

Trip to the Allotment

Books Books and more Books!

Miss Sammels has been bombarded by wonderful requests for new reading books for our home reading system.  It is with great pleasure that she went shopping and returned with many new and exciting books for our bookshelves.  Since sharing the blurbs with the children in an assembly, she has been rushed into putting them onto the shelves for everyone to enjoy.


The popular requests were for Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, some scary books, some crime books and for more from the Mystery Mob, Humphrey the Hamster, Winnie the Witch and Boffin Boy… well, here they are and more too!  One even has a CD inside for you to explore at home – yay!


Thank you for all your inspiration and we hope you really enjoy the new books!


Singing in French!

Look at year 6/5 singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in French!  What stars we are!

Ash and Birch Crazy Cupcakes July 7

Notes from Science Week – July 2014

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Junior Life Skills June 27

During the summer term, Year Six were lucky enough to take our annual trip to the Junior Life Skills event at Bull Point Naval Base.  We had a great time and learnt a huge amount.  Take a look at our slides to find out more.

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Masterclass Maths! June 2104

On Monday, we were lucky enough to go to a Master Class Maths! We learnt about Pascal’s triangle, how to make shapes with just one stroke of a pencil, how to make shapes with coordinates and right at the end we took a test to see if girls we better than boys. The girls won with 11 and the boys lost with 3.

Pascal’s triangle was really difficult because you had to keep adding numbers together.

The easiest part and the best part was plotting coordinates onto a grid and trying to make shapes with them. We made a face and a star using coordinates. Monday was a really exciting day.

Written by Yasmin Bevan


Reading Trophies for Birch Class

After the stress of SATs, Birch and Ash class have been re-focusing on our home reading. With our new reward system design by Miss Sammels, Birch class have really impressed everyone and have won both reading trophies this week for ‘most quizzes taken’ and for ‘most points scored’!

Well done Birch class – keep up the hard work!

Remember – 30 minutes a night, 5 times a week! And keep taking those quizzes!




Sculpture in Year 6/5 – June 2014

During SATs year 6/5 have also been working hard on our creative skills. We have made sculptures in the style of Giacometti. Our inspiration for each pose came from stories we have been reading (including ‘Wonder’ and ‘The Iron man’); each pose represents a character portraying a certain emotion.

Soundwaves April 2014

Birch Class have been investigating how sound waves travel in compression waves. Here are the photos from our lesson:


World Book Day 6 March 2014

The staff at Laira Green dressed up as favourite book characters on World Book Day.  Here are some photos:


Show racism the red card Feb 2014

Recently year 5 visited Plymouth Argyle FC to learn about the ‘show racism the red card campaign’. Here is what we have learned…

Thank you!

Netball Tournament

On Tuesday the 21st of January we entered the netball tournament of this year.

We came in the mini bus, we were so scared and nervous if we would win or not.

Mrs Bonds and Mrs Marvin came with us. Mrs Bonds was such a laugh and we sang this on the mini bus ‘2468 who do we appreciate? Not the king, not queen but Laira Green’s netball team!’

After a long and tiring morning, we came 5th in the tournament but we did our very best to show good teamwork and play fairly. We were resilient and never gave up and even though we lost we still clapped for the other team that won.

In the team we had 8 children.  The children that went were Ellie Honey, Lisa Menhennett, Molly Clark, Willow Rouse, Malachi George, Jacob Osborne, Harley Hawkes and Caitlin Glazsher. Well done to all of the players!


Thank you Miss Blake and Mrs Marvin for organising this tournament for us. We would also like to say a big thank you to the parents forum, who have provided our lovely smart new polo tops, black shorts and new netball skirts so that we all look fantastic when we represent the school!

Laira Green Netball Team

Running Club!

Laira Green pupils are preparing for the Plymouth Schools Half Marathon running challenge.  Mrs Gaskell, who is a winner of many running awards, has started a running club.  Here are some photos of the children enjoying their run around the streets of Laira.  The children also learn road safety skills as they get fit!

February 2014

More photos of Birch Class visit to Forest Schools:

The class made some shelters for their forest friends.

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Rugby Interview Jan 31 2014

This week Matthew Hirst and Stevie Douglas had the chance to interview two Albion players (Jamie Davies and Tom Harrison), who have been taking some of your PE sessions in year 5/6

Here is their interview:

We firstly asked:

What inspired you to play rugby?

Jamie said that he was inspired by welsh rugby.

Next we asked:

Did you have any professional sporty ancestors?

We found out that Jamie’s father played football for Wimbledon and his grandfather played cricket for Glamorgan and this inspired him.

Then they told us that Jamie could run faster then a hundred metre Olympian runner! (we think he was joking!!)

We also found out that they both loved coming to school as it was a chance to play sport and spend lots of time with their friends. Tom also added that PE is such an important subject at school because it gives children a chance to be active.

When asked if they liked coaching they replied: Yes because they like giving the chance to others to play rugby.

Our final question was: How many times have you been photographed? They said they had lost count but definitely over 100!

We enjoy these sessions and think that they help us to be competitive and active.

January 2104

radio 5 live

This week the team from Radio 5 Live visited Laira Green.  Due to the huge choice of sports clubs and classes on offer at Laira Green the school was chosen for a special report about the benefits of PE at school.  Thank you to Miss Blake, Caitlin G and her mum, Malachi and of course Colin!

Listen to the report and interviews here:

Malachi and Caitlin



Interview with Miss Blake

Plymouth Albion Jan 2014

We have been lucky enough to have two Albion players come and take some of our PE sessions. Jamie Davies and Tom Harrison have been teaching us how to be competitive and exhausting us with lots of team games! Have a look at us in action as well as reading our interview with the players.

Outdoor Activities December 2013

More outdoor activities for Ash and Birch classes this week.  The children were shown how to plant seeds ready for next spring and experienced tidying up a winter garden. Onward to Forest Schools for more outdoor fun, building dens and hideouts and following the trim trail.

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Year 5/6 at Forest Schools Oct 2013

Ash and Birch Classes had a trip to the Forest Schools last week.  The children took part in the Nature Treasure Hunt before going on the Trim Trail.  Here are some photos of the day…

Martial Arts Class  October 2013

Birch, Ash and Hazel class were lucky enough a have a visit from Master St James Black Belt Academy. Two of their black belt coaches came in to run a PE session and teach the children some of their moves. Have a look to see what we got up to! Some of the children were so focussed they were awarded a white belt at the end of the session. Well done to all involved.

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October 2013

This week Ash class visited the allotment and had a very productive day.

Our Head Boy, Malachi, gave this interview:

Interviewer: Where did you go Malachi?

Malachi: We went to the Efford Allotment to collect some Sweet Peas.  Then we put them into a plastic container.  Afterwards, they were put into separate envelopes to sell at the Apple Festival.

Interviewer: When is the Apple Festival?

Malachi: It is on Saturday October 26th.  It’s the first Saturday of Half-term.

Interviewer: Thanks Malachi, I’ll look forward to that!



Reading Music and Playing the Deep Sea Dance   Oct 2013

Ash and Birch classes are learning to read music and play the recorder this year as part of their music lessons.

This piece uses B,A and G and is called Deep Sea Dance .



Ash Class Assembly Sept 2013

The children in Ash class welcomed their families to our in-class assembly.  We enjoyed an R-Time session – finding out what socks are really used for and playing a game of noughts and crosses with a twist!  We then took a look at some of the learning that has taken place in the first two and a half weeks, followed by a rather relaxing time producing some beautiful quilting cards.  Thank you to the children and families for a lovely morning.  What a great way to begin the school year.


Aquarium Visitors

What a great start to the year!  Ash, Birch and Hazel classes welcomed visitors from the aquarium who entertained us with information about corals – we didn’t realise they were so interesting!  Then we were able to take a look at what lurks inside the stomachs of various sealife… eugh!  Take a look at our faces… we’re having great fun!

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