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Year 6/5 Miss Blake and Mrs Owen

 Ash Class, Mrs Owen

iBirch Class, Miss Blake

River Dart Summer Trip

Ash and Birch visit Forest School and the Allotment July 2015

This Wednesday 15th July the Year 5’s from Ash and Birch classes had the opportunity to have a feast at the allotment. As the vegetables come into season we are blessed with a bumper crop of peas and cucumbers, even the tomatoes are on their way! The children picked their own strawberries and even ate some nasturtium flowers (a bit peppery for most)! It was lovely to see even the more reluctant children having a go and trying the different things, even if they thought they wouldn’t like it, a great attitude shown by all. The children learnt about the different plants that were growing in the beds and why we are growing them, extra flowers to assist pollination! Jason is hoping that the Royal Horticultural Society will be so impressed when they visit that we might even win an award or two!

After we left Jason to prepare the allotment for the RHS the children walked to the Valley, cutting some Sycamore suckers from a large tree on the way. Mr Blake explained to them how they could harvest things like that from well-established trees so that the main body and the upper branches of the tree could get more nutrients. The children then used the branches and twigs to make decorations for our fantastic woodland den! Hopefully many of them will still be there when the children return in the winter.  We used secateurs, a hacksaw and plenty of natural fibre string while using our imaginations in the woods.

Luckily the weather held out and the children got back to school happy but tired after a busy morning!

Science with Mr Hartley

Year 6 Art June 2015

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Music in year 6 – May 2015

Ash and Birch Class sing and play a variety of Instruments to Mamma Mia!

Ash Class

Birch Class

Home Learning May 8 2015

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Timeline of how the ‘telephone’ has improved to its modern self.

  • 1849: Antonio Meucci demonstrates a communicating machine to people in Havana. It is disputed if this is an electric telephone, but is said to involve direct transportation of electricity into the user’s body.
  • 1854: Charles Bourseul made a description of a practical telephone transmitter and the receiver ( in Paris) but does not create a working instrument.
  • 1854: Meucci demonstrates an electric voice-operated device in New York, but it is not clear what kind of device he demonstrated.
  • 1861: Johann Philipp Reis manages to transfer voice electrical waves over a distance of 340 ft, with his Reis telephone. Reis used his telephone to send his phrase “The horse does not eat cucumber salad”. This phrase in German is hard to understand so Reis uses it to prove that speech can be recognized at the receiving end.
  • 1864: in an attempt to give his musical gadget a voice, Innocenzo Manzetti invents the ‘speaking telegraph’. He shows no interest in patenting his device, but it is reported in newspapers.
  • 1865: Meucci reads of Manzetti’s invention and writes to the editors of two newspapers c laiming his goal and noting his first experiment in 1849. He writes “I do not wish to deny Mr. Manzetti his invention, I only wish to see that two thoughts could be found to contain the same discovery, and that by uniting the two ideas one can more easily reach the certainty about a thing this important.” If he reads Meucci’s offer of partnership, Manzetti does not respond.
  • 1871: Meucci files a patent advice (on account of his aim to file a patent application) for a Sound Telegraph, but it does not describe an electromagnetic telephone.
  • 1872: Professor Vanderwyde test Reis’s telephone in New York.
  • July 1873: Thomas Edison notes struggle in carbohydrate on grains due to pressure; builds electricity based on the basics, but leaves it because of its awareness to vibration.
  • May 1874: Gray invents electric magnet device for sending musical tones. Some of his receivers use a gold/silver disc.
  • 29 December 1874: Gray test his musical tones device and that it sent “familiar melodies through telegraph wire” at the Presbyterian Church in Highland Park, Illinois.
  • 4 May 1875: Bell’s opinion of using many resistances in a wire to send a direct electric current to make a mass of the current.
  • 2 June 1875: Bell sends a sound of a plucked steel stick using electric magnet instruments.
  • 1 July 1875: Bell uses a two way “gallows” telephone that was able to send “bleared but voice-like sounds” but not clear speech. Both the sender and the receiver were identical sheath electric magnet instruments.
  • 1875: Thomas Edison experiment, with a natural telegraphy and in November builds an electric motion receiver but does not adventure it.

Wright Bros

Bake Sale April 2015

The Bake Sale was a big success this year.  Here are some photos of the event!

DT in Ash and Birch March 27 2015

Scandinavia Food Technology

Forest School March 27 2015

Once again this week the children did a great job up at the allotment. Several children used a mattock (a tool similar a pickaxe but used for digging and chopping) to level a space for some huge blue tubs. Inside these tubs we will be growing raspberries! We may not see the fruits of our labours for a couple of years but when read they will look amazing.

Following this the class split into two groups. The children with wellies and tough boots came to  dig the huge mound of soil which needed transporting to the allotment and then loaded it into a wheelbarrow. This needed moving to provide a lovely new wall of wild flowers which will be grown up against the lower fence of the allotment, where polytunnel one used to be.

The other  half of the class had an extremely important job to do. They had to sift an entire bag of compost which would be mixed back with sand and used for potting on seedlings. As mentioned last week when the Year 2’s did something similar (on a smaller scale), this is important to ensure that the seedlings don’t grow too quickly and collapse under their own weight.

After feeding the chicken a tasty pot of worms and some dandelion leaves, Birch class made their way down to Efford Valley. Here they learnt more about the future direction of Forest School at Laira Green. We discussed about risk management, looking after our local, natural environment (including the den the council has helped us to create) and about a couple of knots we would need to helps us achieve the task we were going to try today. To build a rope swing!

Once again the children were split into two groups and each had to find a suitable tree, area and seat with which to construct their swing. With the help of Mr Blake and Jason, both groups managed to swing happily, with all 28 children having the opportunity. As you can see by the photographs, they had great fun!

With the fantastic weather (first time this year!) helping to make a great morning even better, I think the children of Birch class returned to school tired but with huge smiles on their faces!

Scandinavian Food Tasting in Birch Class – March 2015

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 Letter to Nepal – February 2015

To our dear friends in Nepal,

At Laira Green Primary School, we have lots of amazing opportunities such as going to France, Nethercott Farm and school fairs. Our most favourite trip of them all is River Dart. We also get to celebrate Children in Need by wearing Pudsey mufti and Red Nose Day by wearing a Red Nose.  We also take part in sport relief and comic relief to raise some money for charity.  Our best fair is the school summer fair, we have fun and games, hot dogs, burgers and yummy pancakes with lemon and sugar drizzled on the top.(yum yum my favourite). Furthermore, we have lots of disco parties on special occasions e.g Easter, Halloween . At our christmas fair we have fake snow (it looks really good ) the choir sing beautiful Christmas songs and our favourite part is … the yummy christmas cakes(they are delicious!!) that we have to bring in !

We have our own school allotment  we grow lots of things e.g carrots, corn on the cobs, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and our most favourite thing that we grow in our allotment is runner beans !! Our school has many visitors like the amazing pantomime people with Oliver twist, Jack and the beanstalk and Aladdin . The story teller who is called Clive Pig  he taught us Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Lunch– At Laira Green Primary ,many opportunities are provided for us at Lunch and break, giving  us highly entertaining free time.There is always an infectious feeling of euphoria. Some of the activities we have at lunchtime include: the giant version of connect four ; a newly fitted football pitch equipped with the finest P.E teacher ever (Colin Bunney).We also have a basketball hoop ,which has provoked many pupils to join the School Netball ,(team run by truly amazing,fabulous teachers Miss Blake and Mrs Marvin). During Lunch-time, our  fabulous ,outstanding,5 star quality library is always open to all book lovers and even those who don’t have any motivation to read. Since we have got our new reading system, it has inspired many people to take on reading and has seen many non-readers blossom into book lovers .Food Glorious Food!!  Our amazing cooks supply us with wonderful nutritious meals that range from  sausages and mash with ice cream and jelly to french bread pizza with the most mouth-watering, traditional Victoria sponge (yummmm… delicious)!!! .We also have an area for packed lunches,this is when children bring in their own lunches .In the Winter ,we eat in the DELL Centre but in the Summer we eat outside.  Our school has have a system called P.L.O (packed lunches outside ). We thoroughly enjoy these times.Now the down side . As well as all these luxuries, we also get punished for our wrong -doings paying back with our own time.  Lunch time detention routine goes like this : First the person getting punished needs to reflect on their wrong -doings ; then they have to realise the impact of their actions on the people around them.  Finally,most importantly,they need to learn from this experience.

Learning Logs-there are lots of different topics and they are more fun to do than normal homework.The learning logs are a more interesting type of homework, that you can do with your family.They  help us to learn lots of new things in  fun, creative ways, we like to learn using our learning logs(people use them across the school). Our learning logs are really fun to do because we spend a lot of time doing them and a lot of effort goes into our work.At home it is easy to do our learning logs because our family helps us.We also have lessons such as: maths,pe,english,reading and music. In our maths ,english and reading, we have separate groups to separate our learning and what level we are aiming for.


At Laira Green we have many opportunities to participate  in a variety of sports. Some of us attend football with Colin after school and Netball with Miss Blake and Mrs Marvin.We also play tag-rugby with Mr Whitnall and hockey is run by  a man called Matt ( who is from marjons).In P.E  we either have  handball with Colin or we have a normal P.E session with our teacher. In the summer term we  have two sports day where we split into our house teams and compete in the races and gather points so at the end of the day the team with the most points  wins. Our teams are Drake (blue) ,Scott (red), Raleigh(yellow) and Grenville (green).

Lots of love Ash Class


French Trip 2014

For parents and children considering the French Residential…

Take a look at this slideshow of just some of our best bits from last year’s trip. I’m sure you’ll see what a worthwhile and enjoyable trip it is!

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Home Learning Challenges

home learning

CAP Workshop November 2014

Year 6/5 Make this World a Better Place

Birch Class Assembly Nov 2014

Remembrance Service in November 2014

Daisy represented Laira Green at the Remembrance Service on the Hoe on Sunday 9th November.  We are all so proud of our Head Girl, Daisy.

Birch Class – Viking Ships November 2014

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Birch Class – Art Update!

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Ash Class at the Allotment and Forest School

Art in Birch Class November 2014

 RE in Year 6

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Ash Class Science – October 2014


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Ash Class Assembly – October 10 2014



Birch Class Spelling Lists for Autumn Term

Please click on the link to see the spelling lists for Birch Class this term.  The lists can be downloaded and printed at home.




Birch Class Forest Decorations September 19th

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Birch Class – Forest School and The Allotment

 CLIVE PIG September 2014

Anglo Saxon Resettlement

Through re-enactment,Year 6 explain the reasons for the Anglo-Saxon resettlement, the journey they took, and their experiences along the way, including details about the boats used.  Click on the photograph to see the re-enactment.



Welcome to Ash and Birch Classes 2014 – 2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Laira Green.  We hope you have had an enjoyable holiday.  It is lovely to see the children fresh and ready for a new term.  We have a few pieces of information to share with you before the year begins.

Our Team

Alongside Miss Sammels, Miss Blake and Mrs Owen we are continuing to be supported by Mrs Walker and this year we welcome Miss Maisey and Mrs Londsdale.

Daily routine

Please take note of the end of day procedures outlined in the newsletter, which is included in this pack.

Wet Mornings

Please note that due to safeguarding, we must reinforce that every child should enter the school by the rear doors, even on a wet morning. These will be opened promptly at 8.30. No child will be allowed through the front doors without prior arrangements


For one PE session per week, the children will continue to be taught PE by Colin from Plymouth Argyle.

PE will take place on the following days for Ash and Birch.  We run a 2 week cycle and the days  change depending on the week. Please make sure your child’s PE kit is in school ALL week and is taken home on a Friday if it needs a wash. This allows some flexibility, as especially as the year goes on, in the approach to SATs, our timetable can change.

Week 1 Week 2
                 ThursdayFriday                 WednesdayFriday

PE kit consists of a white top and black or white shorts.  During colder weather, the children may choose to wear plain black jogging bottoms and a plain black jumper. We strongly encourage warm PE kit for the winter months as we will continue to undertake our PE lessons outside, weather permitting.

Literacy, Numeracy and Spellings

Children in Ash and Birch class will continue to be grouped into different classes for these subjects.  Miss Sammels, Miss Blake and Mrs Owen will share these two classes.  This means smaller classes for these subjects and therefore more time for every child with a teacher.  Wonderful!  Your child should already know their relevant teachers and you are welcome to come in and speak with any of us at any time.


Please make a note of SAT week: 11th – 14th May 2015.

We are happy to provide you with a sample of past papers during our welcome meeting or at any time if you send us a note.

CGP SAT revision books to order through school

These proved very popular last year.  Once CGP (the publisher) has announced their new stock, we will send home an order form. The materials range from £1.50 to approximately £4.00.

Mathematics and Reading Links with Lipson Co-Operative Academy

For the last two years we have been proud to host weekly challenging mathematics sessions led by staff from Lipson Co-Operative Academy and attended by invited children from several different local schools. The children involved loved the challenges and spending time with secondary school teachers and children from other schools.  This year we are delighted to again welcome Lipson to host three different sessions per week:

–        A higher level mathematics group;

–        A booster group for children working towards level four in mathematics;

–        A level 6 reading group is still due to be confirmed due to staff changes at Lipson.

If your child is involved in these groups we will send a letter home with further details.


Once we have settled into the new term, the following homework should be expected weekly:

–        Mathematics – set by their mathematics teacher;

–        English / Topic – set by their literacy or class teacher;

–        Spellings – set by their spelling teacher.  Spelling tests for most children will take place on Tuesdays.

–     Learning logs will also be re-established – so be prepared to get creative!

We expect a high level of independence from the children in year five and six, so please support them to organise themselves and to also seek homework if they have missed it due to absence.  We welcome parents / carers helping with homework if a child is finding it challenging.  If you do give support, a brief note on the homework is helpful to us.


We expect every child to read at home every night for at least 30 minutes. This may be independent reading or shared reading with family members.  We will be monitoring this and rewarding those who consistently meet expectations.

And finally…

We are looking forward to another successful year in Year 6/5.   All our teachers welcome questions and information from parents so please do feel welcome to pop in to make an appointment if you wish to speak with us.

From the Ash and Birch Team

Past Events

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