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Previous Years

July 2013

Year 3 Dental Visit

This term Year 3 had a visit from the Dental Hygienist.

The hygienist spoke to the class about keeping teeth healthy and what happens to teeth and gums if we forget to clean them!

June 2013 Sponsored Walk

This week, the whole school has ventured out, at various times, to complete a sponsored walk in order to raise money for Alberto  and Sarah, the two children we sponsor .  43WL and 3S had a lovely walk in the sunshine.  Let’s hope we raise lots of money!

As part of our ‘Sense of Place’ topic, 3B and 3WL have been looking at the Plymouth landscape and thinking about some of its famous landmarks, such as Smeaton’s Tower on the Hoe.

We explored some of local artist Brian Pollard’s work and looked at his style of painting.

At the end of our topic, Brian Pollard came into school to run a workshop with us.  He showed us some of his techniques and helped us to create our own piece of naïve art.

Brian Pollard

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Egyptian Masks June 2013

The children in year 3 have been studying Ancient Egypt.  They have made some fabulous Death Masks worn by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  Here are a few of their artistic creations!

Past Events

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