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In 2013-14

World Cup Carnival in Sycamore Class – July 2014

We had really good fun. We paraded around the classroom before going into the playground and then parading around the school. We did a conga when we got back and then had a party in the classroom. What a great afternoon!

Science Week in Sycamore Class – July 2014

We had fantastic fun and learnt a great deal this week. Physic Ian taught us how to check if liquids are alkaline or acid with the universal indicator chart. We made sticky putty by putting chemicals together and then back in class with Mrs Gaskell we made a ‘magic potion’.  The vinegar fizzed up when bicarbonate of soda was added.  We also investigated various habitats in the school grounds, the bee meadow and the allotment.  Next week we will look at a different habitat at the beach.

Egg Splat!

Sycamore class also experimented with milk, food colouring and washing up liquid in class and turned an egg into a blue bouncy ball!! Watch the video of us splatting our egg at the end of the week!



DT and History June 2014

In design technology we have made purses as part of our Money, Money,Money topic. We measured and cut carefully after designing them and tried to make sure we had a good finish to our product.

In history we have been studying the different lives of rich and poor Ancient Egyptians and we made some salt dough amulets which the people used to ward off evil.  We also investigated yeast as part of our Micro -organisms Science work. Ancient Egyptians made flat bread without yeast. We made some with yeast, which rose and grew as the yeast ate the food source, sugar, and gave off carbon dioxide.

Sycamore at Forest School

Our Forest Schools trip on 21st May was a lovely sunny day. The allotment was full of interesting green shoots and plants.  Jason showed us all the vegetables that are now growing and we ate mange tout fresh from the plant. It tasted sweet and we all liked it. We went into the new greenhouse, which will become a classroom for us if the weather is wet in the future.

Our Learning Wall – Summer Term 2014

One of the sessions the children really enjoyed last term was the story of the Good Samaritan just before Easter. The class worked on some drama to re-tell the story; the children were able to put themselves in the place of the characters. They worked on ‘conscience alley’ techniques to think about what they would have done in the situation. The children then produced comic books re- telling the story using their Design and Technology skills.


Our learning wall is full of interesting words and facts showing our learning about persuasive writing. At the moment we are writing adverts.

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PE in Sycamore Class in April 2014

Last half term we worked on balancing in our PE sessions. We stared by balancing on the floor on mats. We used different numbers of body points for our balances For example  one point- leg, 2 points leg and hand, three points- two hands and 1 leg. We aimed to hold our balance position for at least 5 seconds and to make our bodies strong and controlled.

We transferred our skills to working on the equipment and then to partner work, using resistance against each other to make more difficult balances.

Flipping Pancakes at Manor Court – April 2014

Our visit to Manor Court this half term was to flip pancakes as entertainment for the residents…and ourselves! We had great fun and some children were able to flip non- stop about 6 times ! Well done Owen Thomas who was a champion pancake flipper.

We also recited some poems that we had been learning for our class assembly. As usual both the residents and the children had a great time sharing their company.

Sycamore at Forest School January 2014

Sycamore class enjoyed their visit to the school allotment. With Jason the children looked at different habitats for growing plants and flowers. In a few weeks everyone will be sowing seeds to grow plants for Efford Valley

We made Forest Friends and dens for them in a very muddy area – the muddiest yet! We all had to have a good wash before lunch. We were lucky with the weather and missed most of the rain.

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Running with Mrs Gaskell January 2014

Laira Green pupils are preparing for the Plymouth Schools Half Marathon running challenge.  Mrs Gaskell, who is a winner of many running awards, has started a running club.  Here are some photos of the children enjoying their run around the streets of Laira.  The children also learn road safety skills as they get fit!

Sycamore Class Party December 2013

Sycamore class Christmas party was great fun. The game of musical chairs was very exciting and everyone played fairly. We also played musical statues and pass the parcel.
Thank you to the parents who provided such amazing party food, enjoyed by all the children. Santa made a visit and requested a song. The children gave a beautiful rendition of The Zither Song, which is one of their favourites. A lovely afternoon with fabulous manners, behaviour and most of all ….fun !

Science, Maths and Carols in Sycamore Class Nov/Dec 2013

Sycamore visited Manor Court’s tree lighting event   on 5th December.   The children sang carols and chatted to the residents.  Our lovely friends at Manor court  rewarded us with Mince pies , sweets and hot chocolate, yum yum !  Some of Laira Green children had entered their competition to make a  weather-proof tree decoration.  The winner  was Henry in 1/2  Kirby and runner up  Caitlyn in 4/3 . What a fabulous afternoon, thank you Manor Court.


This term Sycamore have been investigating circuits. Rowan is quite an expert and demonstrated his skill to the class.


Another topic has been measure. We measured time including days, months and years. We also measured  using km, metres and centimetres.. Here the children are converting measures.

Manor Court Visit – Year 4/3 October 2013

When we arrived at Manor Court, Rachel welcomed us. The mobiles and pictures that children from our class had made on the last visit, were all displayed for us.  They looked lovely.

We potted some bulbs for the garden for next Spring. The bee keeper told us the bulbs needed lots of water to grow, so we went into the garden to get some from the tap. Some people had a sit in the beautiful garden. Back inside, we watered the bulbs and planted some seeds. After that the bee keeper told us all about bees and how important plants are to bees. He showed us two types of honey, runny and set and explained why they are different. It is because of the different natural sugars in them.

When all the planting was done, we had a treat of cupcakes with bee decorations that Rachel had made.   Thank you Rachel, they were delicious.  Thank you, Karisse for inviting us. We all really love our visits Manor Court and meeting the residents.  We had a fantastic afternoon.

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Year 4/3 Allotment and Forest Schools Visit

On Wednesday 18th September class Year 4/3 (Mrs Gaskells class) had a very interesting and fun morning with Forest Schools . Clad in wellies and wet weather coats we climbed the steps to the allotment.   When we arrived Jason told us how to identify carrots by their leaves and we learned that carrots were originally purple.

Jason spoke to us about sweetcorn and beetroot! We learnt a lot about the different ways of cooking vegetables. Did you know you can roast beetroot?

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Welcome to Year 4/3 Sycamore.


A very warm welcome to class 4/3 Sycamore (4/3 G).  I hope that you have had a good holiday and are ready for the new school year.  This letter will hopefully remind you of some of the routines that we follow in school and outline things that we will expect during the year.

Your child will take part in many activities and learning experiences which we hope they will enjoy.  In order for him/her to get as much as possible out of school we need to make you aware of our expectations.

Homework will be set every Friday and collected in on the following Monday.  It will usually be a piece of maths or English, but may on occasion be some topic based investigative work.  The work will be linked to work covered in class and will help your child to consolidate his/her learning.

Spellings will also be set on a weekly basis.  These will be taught in school as part of our phonics programme, but we hope that you will be able to find time to help your children learn these spellings at home.  The spellings will be tested every Friday using a dictation rather than a straight forward test. Some children may be involved in the Read Write Inc sessions. If this is the case your child may have daily spelling activities to do instead (– you will be informed of this activity.)

PE will take place on different days and it is therefore essential that PE kits are left in school all week.  If necessary, PE kits can be brought home at the week ends for washing, but please ensure they are returned on the Monday of each week.

PE kits consist of a white t-shirt, white shorts and trainers or plimsolls.  Black leotards are a suitable alternative for girls.  Please ensure that all kit is clearly labelled so that we can quickly match lost clothing to their owners!  May we also remind you that children are expected to have school shoes, not trainers, as part of their school uniform.

The children will continue to bring reading books home.  We would like to encourage you to listen to your child read.  This is a valuable activity and will help him/her to make huge progress in their understanding of language.  We suggest 10-15 minutes, three times a week.  Please use the reading log to let us know that you have heard your child read and to make any relevant comments. Also there is the online Bug Club reading scheme that your child can access via an Internet link. Details of this are on your child’s reading record.

As part of school life we like to take photos of the children to use in the school newsletter or to display in and around the classroom to celebrate their learning.  The children may also be involved in food tasting during the year for which we require your permission.  I would be grateful if you could complete the permission slip at the bottom of the letter and return it to me as soon as possible.

There will be the opportunity for you to come in for an informal ‘meet the teacher’ on Thursday 12th September from 3.10 – 3.25pm.  If you have any other queries please feel free to arrange to come and see me after school. I will be having a formal parents’ evening during the autumn term and look forward to meeting you then if not before.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Gaskell


Please complete the form below.  Delete the do not / do sections as necessary.

I do not / do give permission for _____________________ photo to be taken

and used for display, for the school newspaper, on the school website or by the local press.

I do not/ do give permission for him/her to watch PG DVDs at the end of term or for educational purposes.

I do not / do give permission for ________________________ to take part in any food tasting this year.

Please give details of any food intolerances.

Signed __________________________________ parent/guardian.

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