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Yr 6/5 Mrs Gregory-Birch Class 2015/16

Year 6 at the Allotment May 2016

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Michael Morpurgo Author Review

Michael Morpurgo is a good writer he writes non-fiction books but makes them seem believable stories and they are not too long or too short.

Most of his stories are set on a farm since he was brought up on a farm.

Also quite a lot of his books are set during world war two ( WWll )

My favourite book of his is ‘Running Wild’ because it is full of ups and downs and full of adventure.

The main character is Will.

His elephant, he was riding,  went wild and started running into the jungle.

Will becomes his sworn enemy but at the end of this all, they become inseparable as Oona ( the elephant ) was his only family.

As he comes out to civilization he faints off the elephant, will he survive…?

Written by Jack Holtham Y6

Summer Spellings

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Term 4

Meet the Author

On Monday 14 th March, in association with World Book Day, our year 5 went on a visit to Lipson Community Academy to see author Marcus Alexander.

As well as hearing about his life lessons and experiences the children, learnt how this influenced his writing. He encouraged the children to give anything a try even if they thought they wouldn’t be any good at it.

It was a great morning!


Term 3

Science and Reading Feb 2016

After reading about a science experiment, we checked our understanding of the text by carrying it out!

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Champion Netball TrainingSlide1

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 Times Table Rockstars

If we try our hardest on the Times Tables Rockstars test on the internet, we could easily get up to 2nd or even 1st place! We are 6th at the moment.

Here is the website address:

Come on Laira Green we can be the best at our times tables!


We can beat the rest of the schools in Plymouth.


Sophia Sharpe

Science – The Eye

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Flames for Humanity

This year, when thinking about Holocaust Memorial Day, we we inspired by the ‘ Flames for Humanity’ art project. We looked at the lives of 3 British Heroes of the Holocaust, as well as two songs: ‘No War Will Stop Us Singing’ and ‘Stand by You’. We then reflected on the key messages we wanted to share in our own ‘Flames for Humanity’. Here are some of the messages and the flames we designed.  

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Science in Year 6/5

Friday afternoon Science – investigating the spectrum of light!

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Art in Year 6/5

Inspired by Cezanne, Birch class have been doing some still-life sketching trying to bring everyday objects to life as Cezanne tried to do.

Jack also did a magnificent copy of a Cezanne self portrait – well done Jack!



Spellings Spring Term 3

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Home Learning Spring Term 3

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HL 6


Birch Class 2015

Term 2

Year 5/6 2015 Allotment and Forest Schools


WOW Science December 2015

After an exciting assembly from a Scientist at STEM, we decided to do a bit of investigating with balloons! We looked at static, spinning a penny inside a balloon and how we could get a skewer into a balloon without it popping! It was very exciting and we all helped each other to succeed.

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Science – Light

To help prove that light travels in straight lines we conducted two investigations: one getting a light beam to travel through holes in cards to hit a target – it only reached the target if all cards were aligned; secondly, using mirrors to reflect light to see behind us and around corners! Great investigating Birch Class!

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Art & Science – The Eye

In our topic of light, we have looked at the eye, and how it functions. We then used oil pastels to have a go at drawing an eye – some of us got creative! We then voted for the best pupil, iris and overall picture. Well done Birch class!

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Poetry in Year 6

Year 6 and 5 wrote some poetry recently, which we decided to enter in an online competition.  The poetry started with discussions about emotions during several R.E. lessons.  We looked at colours and how they made us feel and how they are used to show our emotions e.g. red for anger, yellow for jealousy, blue for sadness or feelings of calm.  The children then took their thoughts and translated them into poems.

We entered the poems on and lots of our work was selected for publication in a new poetry anthology, alongside poems from other children in the Plymouth area.  Our children who were selected received a certificate by post, which was then presented to them in Assembly. They will also have an opportunity to buy the anthology when it has been printed.  Luckily for Laira Green Primary, we will also receive a free copy of the book for our library!



We are very proud of our poets and would like to share their works with you. Click on the link to read our poetry.

Film Reviews – December 2015

The children in Birch Class created some fabulous film reviews after seeing ‘Une Chat du Vie’ in the cinema – most of the class rated it 5 out of 5 stars!

DT in Birch Class

In year 5/6 we have been working with clay to create Mayan sun sign pendants. Once they have dried, we will paint them with the colours we have chosen to represent ourselves.

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Christmas Decorations in Birch Class

Here are just a few of our Xmas decorations – the winners from Birch class were Caitlin with her hand sewn stocking and Avjana’s creative snowglobe! These will go up to Manor Court to help decorate the home whilst the rest of the entries will decorate our classroom – It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

Anti Bullying

Last week was Anti-Bullying week and all classes had to create anti-bullying posters as part of our home learning. Here are just a few examples! The effort, presentation and key messages were fabulous. Well done Birch class.

Film Review November 2015

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Term 1

Learning about Electricity

In Science, we have been investigating circuits. As a class, we investigated questions such as:

What affects the brightness of a bulb?

What materials are conductors? Insulators?

Is the brightness of a bulb affected by having a series or a parallel circuit?
We really enjoyed watching the result of adding more power and seeing how bright we could make the bulbs go!

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Apple picking in Efford Valley October 2015

On Thursday 22nd Birch class visited the orchard at Efford Valley to collect apples. The children then washed and cut the apples ready to be pressed! The whole school were then involved in putting the apples into the mill and pressing the milled apples to collect apple juice, which we all got to taste straight from the press – it was delicious!

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Birch Term 1

Birch Class Assembly

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The year 5/6 Rounding Challenge

In Maths, in Year 5 we have been looking at rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  Some of us had to solve a puzzle to apply our knowledge.

Acrostic Poetry in Birch Class

As Autumn quickly arrives, in Birch class we wrote some acrostic poems as part of our home learning. The children’s composition as well of their presentation hugely impressed me! I look forward to reading some more of their poetry in the upcoming weeks in our English lessons.

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Ash and Birch Class visit the Victorian Merchants House

Year 5/6 in Ash and Birch Class walked over 4 miles to visit the Merchants House on the edge of town to investigate what life was like in Victorian times!

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1950’s Show and Tell

Daniel bought in his projector from the 1950s and showed us all an old silent, black and white film about steam trains! It was fascinating – thank you Daniel, what a lovely hobby to have!


Ash and Birch Class have been learning about artists from the Victorian era.
We looked at some artworks by Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, William
Morris, Henri Rousseau, John Constable and Claude Monet. The children gave
their reactions to the art and identified their favourites and described any
emotions that were brought forward by the pictures.
Here are some examples of their art. Can you identify who painted or drew
each picture? What do you think of each style?

Can I identify William Morris and other famous Victorian artists?

PRINT the Art Sheet


New Prefects

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Spellings – Mrs Gregory

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Home Learning

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Past Events

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