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Year 6 Ash

Term 5

Year 6 Go Bellboating

On Friday 19th May, a group of eight children from Ash and Birch spent the day on the water, dipping their toes in the world of bell boating.  Along with other schools from across the city, they were able to try out various water and land-based activities.  From archery to ergs, the children could spend time learning new skills or practising more familiar ones.

The smiles on their faces (along with dry hair!) when they returned suggested an amazing day had been spent in the fresh air.

Many thanks to Mrs Price and Miss Lonsdale who captained the children on their trip!

The Laira Green Crew!


One in a Million – Music May 2017

Year 6 have been working hard to improve their performing skills during singing sessions.  They are able to sing in two parts with confidence now – that’s super progress!

One and a Million

Park Life

Having survived SATs and having worked their socks off without any fuss, it seemed only fair for our wonderful Year 6’s to have a treat.  We therefore abandoned our classrooms last Friday and spent the morning in Trefusis Park.

The weather was kind to us, enabling the children to enjoy the play area before competing in a friendly game of ‘Ash vs Birch’ rounders.  We then enjoyed our picnic lunches before taking a leisurely walk back to school … arriving just as it began to rain!

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Music in Year 6

Listen to Caitlin and Codie singing ‘Lavender’

Term 4

Dissolving – Science with Mr Gage

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Science Week in Year 6

Year 6 continued their Science learning about Properties and Changes to Materials with Mr Gage from Lipson Co-operative Academy this week.  They found out that breakfast cereals tend to be fortified with iron.  Mr Gage demonstrated (using a magnet) how to separate out the iron from some cereal so the children could observe the tiny particles.

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Warburtons the Bakers Visit Year 6

Year 6 had a lovely treat this week – a visit from Nikki and Lee from Warburtons, the bread makers.  Nikki and Lee began by telling us about the history of Warburtons.  We hadn’t realised that the company has existed since 1876 or that it remains a family-owned and family-run business today or that Warburtons is the most popular bakery brand in the UK.

Nikki and Lee showed the children the Eatwell chart and discussed the importance of healthy eating which reinforced the children’s earlier Science learning about ‘Humans and other Animals’. They also then talked about the importance of hygiene when handling food items and handed out fetching green hairnets for us all to wear! After that, we rolled up our sleeves, tied back our hair, washed our hands and donned an apron.  At last, we were ready to bake!

The children put their recent Maths work about ratios to good use to calculate the proportions of yeast and salt they needed to add to the flour and water mixture.  They worked hard at mixing and kneading until the dough was ready to shape.  Once we’d shaped our dough, Nikki and Lee talked to us about minimising food wastage by using leftovers for other meals.

The dough was baked over lunch and we returned to the classrooms to be greeted by the delicious smell of freshly baked bread which we got to take home with us – along with our hairnets some Warburtons products and some useful information.

It was a really enjoyable morning.


In Ash class, we have been investigating the factors that might impact the tidal volume of our lungs.

We split into groups and made our own spirometers.  Some of us were investigating the impact of age; some, the impact of height; some, the impact of gender.

Take a look at our photos and then see what you think the graphs of our results show.

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Art – March 2017

In art, Year 6 are looking at the work of local artist, Yvonne Coomber.

Term 3

Music Technology

Many thanks to everyone who bought our school Christmas Carol Service CD.  With the profits, we were able to buy two ipad mini’s for the children to use. Here are some pictures showing our music technology in action.  Year 6 are composing music using ‘garage band’ to go with a clip of a Condor Flight as part of our topic looking at South American music.

Holocaust Memorial Day

On Wednesday 25th January, Ash and Birch had the privilege of hearing the family story of Liz Berg – a Plymouth resident, whose father-in-law survived the Jewish holocaust of World War 2.

They were able to see photographs and documents, which were her father-in-law’s only belongings, as he fled Poland to England before other members of his family were rounded up and killed. Liz communicated the mistreatment of the Jewish people in a manner which enabled the children to begin to understand the gravity and severity of what happened to them.

Understandably shocked and saddened, we spent time reflecting on the origins of such events and Liz encouraged us all to stand up to hatred.hmd

Term 2

Heart Dissection

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Roles & Responsibilities

Congratulations to our Year Six who have finally to made it to the top of the tree! We are very proud of our year six – they are truly Laira Green pupils!  Our prefects will help run the school and our Head Librarians, Ben and Avjana, will be leading a team of librarians!yr6

Past Events

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