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Year 5/4 Oak

Term 5

Pilates in Oak Class

Oak class are continuing with their Pilates unit in PE and are experimenting with the exercises Rock, Tree, Mountain (including Mountain Top and Mountain Ledge), Siamese and Giraffe.

The children have been developing slow sequences of movements with a partner or in small groups, controlling their breathing as they balance. Oak class’ skill with these exercises is evident, though they have only been doing it a few weeks, there are some very competent balances being shared and it is a nice counterpoint to the impending high impact sports day events.


Listen to ‘I’m still Singing’ with Oak, Cherry and Hazel Class.


 Egyptian Drama Experience

Clive Pigg came to Laira Green Primary School earlier this week to introduce the Year 4 and 5 classes to the fascinating history surrounding the Ancient Egyptians.  The children were fascinated to hear all the gory details about how the Egyptians mummified their dead, involving washing the body, taking out the organs and storing them in jars, stuffing the corpse with straw, rubbing in essential oils and then hooking the brain out through the nose!!! They also acted out the Egyptian story surrounding a person’s journey to the afterlife.

Our children were amazed and entertained as always by all the information and anecdotes that Clive brought to school and they are very excited about writing factfiles, learning about the Egyptian Gods, writing with hieroglyphics.

Term 3

Pyjama Day in Oak Class February 2017

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Term 2

Oak Class Re-enact Beowulf

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An Anglo-Saxon at Laira Green – Sept 2016

Clive Pig came into school this week to inspire us in our topic work and in our writing.  He told us all about the Anglo-Saxons and retold the story of Beowulf and Grendel.  He is an amazing storyteller and all the children were completely captivated.

We then had a workshop thinking about how the Anglo-Saxons might have felt on their journey to England and what it might have been like when they arrived.

Past Events

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