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Yr 5/4 Mrs Hunter & Mrs Larsen -Hazel Class 2015/16

Term 6

Summer Trip to Becky Falls July 2016

A lovely sunny day spend doing a woodland trail and petting animals. We also got to pet a boa constrictor as well as a huge lizard!

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Food Tasting and Smoothie Making

As part of Healthy Eating Week, the Year 5s in Hazel class did some food tasting and made smoothies.

First we washed, cut and prepared some fruits to try including: papaya, physalis, avocado, pomegranate and cherries.  The children then tasted the fruits, discussed their textures and flavours and marked them out of 10.  Dj Lennox loved them all!

After that, we worked in pairs to follow a recipe to make a peach, banana and strawberry smoothie. We washed and prepared all the fruit, measured out the milk, yoghurt and honey (or maple syrup) and then blended it all together.  The smoothies were lovely and were 3 of our 5 s day!

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Allotment Visit

Hazel Class paid a visit to the school allotment recently.  Here they are planting in the poly tunnel.

Fairtrade Home Learning May 2016

Hazel class completed a home learning task as part of Fairtrade fortnight.

The children did some research and then presented the information to the class.  We learnt many interesting things.

Emily “ There are 4500 Fair Trade products on sale in England.”

William, “26% of all coffee sold in England is Fair trade coffee.”

Isaac A, “The first Fair Trade Product was sold in 1994.”

Sonny, “  There are 1.5 million people employed in Fairtrade.”

Lexie, “Fair Trade gives you the power to change the farmers’ lives everyday.”

Food Bridges May 2016

As part of our DT project on bridges, we attempted to make our own bridges out of FOOD!

We were given a number of different foods and had to work as a group to decide how we could use these foods to construct a bridge .  We tried to use our knowledge of different types of bridges to help us.  To be successful, a small car had to be able to go across the bridge from one end to the other without falling in the river!

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Summer Spellings Year5

Click on the link to view, save or print the spellings for Hazel Class for summer term:


Hazel have been learning about explanation texts and about the water cycle.  In English, we worked in groups to explain the water cycle.  Here are our short presentations.



Summer Spellings Year 4

Click on the link to view, save or print the spellings for Hazel Class for summer term:



Term 4

Cooking and DT

This term, Hazel class visited Lipson Co-operative Academy to do some cooking.

The children made sable biscuits which they then took home to share and enjoy with their families.  The children had to weigh out all the ingredients, stir them all together, roll out their biscuit dough and cut out the biscuits ready for cooking.  They then had to do the WASHING UP!

It was a super experience and we are very grateful to Tracey Downes and Jo Landsborough for their hard work in making this visit a success.

Here are some photos of our budding chefs!

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We all had fun tossing pancakes – some of us were better than others – and we all laughed when Sonny’s pancake landed on his head!

The children also shared some performance poetry with the residents and then spent time talking with them.

We love visiting Manor Court and involving the residents as part of the community of Laira Green.

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The British Values are:

  • Democracy.
  • The rule of law.
  • Individual liberty.
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Allotment and Forest School

Read all about Hazel Class and their excursions to the Allotment and Forest School in the Spring Term 2016:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Term 3

Forest School Parental Consent Form February 2016

Please click on the link to download the parental consent form for Forest School.




Home Learning

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Learning about Holocaust Memorial Day in Hazel Class.

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Hazel Class Ocarina Orchestra


Listen to the Hazel Class Ocarina Orchestra!

Turn it up LOUD!!!


Year 5/4 Spring Term Spellings

Click on the links to view and print the Spring Term spellings for Hazel Class:

Hazel Spring Spelling Overview Year 4/5

Spell Hazel 45


Hazel Spring Spelling Overview Year 5

Spell Hazel

Home Learning Spring Term 3

Click on the link to read the this terms Home Learning guide for year 5/4:


HL 54



CaptureWelcome back!
Happy New Year! We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for the new term. We have a lot to do over the next few terms and the children will be involved in some exciting work, including learning about French artists, practising French dances and preparing French food!
Learning Logs. 
We will continue to send home learning logs on Friday, which will be collected in on the following Tuesday. Your children have until February 5th to complete one of the three tasks that we have set based on our topic of France. (These tasks can be found on the back page of the leaflet that we have sent home) Until then, we will send just one piece of learning log work to complete each week.
In addition to this, we will also be sending home a piece of Maths or English along with the weekly spellings.
Spelling practice sheets are handed out each Monday and need to be returned the following Monday when the test will take place. Please ensure that your child completes and returns their homework. It is a really useful way of revisiting learning and sharing with you what we have covered in class.
Please ensure that your child has their reading book in school every day as there will be time put aside for them to read on their own and at other times as part of a group. We will also be monitoring the children’s reading records so please remember to sign them to say that you have heard them read and to add any other comments.
The reading quizzes will continue to be completed by your child and we hope to see the number of children achieving 100% in tests to continue to rise – we saw considerable progress in this before Christmas!
Times tables
The children have been completing times table tests every Friday. They need to know all the times tables up to 12 x 12 so please test them at home when you can. Challenge them to improve their scores and make it fun!
We also have an exciting new resource called ‘Time Tables Rockstars’ which is an online programme children will be able to access with their own log in at home and at school to help them speed up their recall of their tables.
Please see the leaflet that we have sent home to give you an overview of the work we will be covering over the next two terms.
Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Hunter and Mrs Larsen

Hazel 2015

Term 2 

Mosaic Workshop November 2015

For the climax of our Artwork based on mosaics, we were lucky enough to be able to have a workshop with Jane Stevens.  We have all made a beautiful tree to take home at Christmas.  We will share the finished products once they are grouted.

Thank you to The Laira Greenshoots Community Forum for helping to fund the workshops.

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Christmas Decorations for Manor Court

Have a look at some of the Christmas Decorations Hazel Class have made as part of the Competition at Manor Court.  Which one is your favourite?

Poetry in Hazel Class October 2015

We have been reading and writing our own poems this week and had a go at learning and performing some poems.  We only had 20 minutes to read the poems, make up actions and then perform them to the rest of the class.

Term 1

Home Learning Project – Roman Shields

As part of our home learning we were asked to make Roman or Celtic shields.
These are some of the lovely projects we completed at home with our families.  Well done everyone!

Clive Pig the Storyteller

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Roman Mosaic Art

We are learning about Roman mosaics in art.  We have practised designing repeating patterns and making a border.  It was much harder than it looks!

Clive Pig visits Hazel Class

Year 3/4/5 were very privileged to watch a performance by the amazing Clive Pig, followed by an hour workshop.  We learnt about how the Celts lived and what life was like in Britain before the Romans invaded.  He told us about the many things the Romans brought to Britain and told us a rather creepy Celtic myth.

Home Learning

Click on the link to read the complete Home learning leaflet for Year 4/5 Hazel Class:


hazel hl


Click on the link to see the complete list of spellings for Hazel Class:


hazel spellings


Click on the link to read the Parents Letter for Hazel Class:



Past Events

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