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Year 5/4 Hazel

Term 5

Baptism Wheels

Hazel Class have been making Baptism Wheels in Art.  Here are some of their designs:

Week 3 at Forest School

A sunny afternoon greeted Hazel class for their third session and we made sure to wave to a hardworking Jason at the allotment on our way past.

Even with the time restriction of the afternoon we still managed to fit in quite a lot of activities. ‘Tribes’ was an ever popular game as usual and the same group of boys used their knowledge and imagination to set up a great base of operations using fallen logs and a tightly raised tarp. Great application of skills!

There was a restriction on fires this week mainly due to safety grounds, there was not enough water to douse many and still leave enough for refreshments so it was thought best to focus our efforts on separate activities. Confident tool use featured heavily as the children used hand saws, knives, secateurs and loppers to achieve their goals, whether it be: enhancing their dens, whittling sticks or making items for their role play. Some of the perseverance on show was fantastic and though reminders were handed out a few times about blood bubble and cutting direction, there were no injuries and all were successful. The rope swing went up (after we retrieved the carefully hidden seat) and it was raised in a better way this week meaning that it could be brought down with ease!

With the children hard at work with tools, some took a liking to chunks of charcoal discarded by other fires that hadn’t been cleared properly (unlike ours). There were tribal markings going on and many painted faces roamed the woods. With a bit of support and direction, some children were pointed in the direction of the elder tree which was felled a few weeks ago by Cherry class. They started to have a go at making charcoal pencils! Using a hard, narrow stick they poked and picked out the pith from a length of elder which they had cut and then, being very careful, selected a piece of cold, crumbly charcoal from the fire and wedged it into the gap. A makeshift pencil was born! In future sessions the children may even get a chance to make real charcoal using some willow and a tin in the fire but this was a great start!

With the main fire lit and roaring, the kettle was on and hot chocolates and biscuits were handed out. Mrs Sweeting also brought along some marshmallows which was a real treat. It set us up nicely to talk about the final week next week on Weds 17th. S’mores to come!

Until then,

Mr Blake.

At Forest School

Absolutely fantastic weather met Hazel class this week as we embarked on week number two of their block. A thorough tool talk ensued when we reached the valley; tools spread out, blood bubble in place and eyes and ears definitely locked in. We spoke about the different parts of the tools (e.g the handle, blade, lock, sheathe) and their different handling techniques.





Once the session was in full swing one thing to get going quite quickly was… raising the swing! We retrieved the seat that was sawn off last week and lifted it with only a few kinks in the rope getting in the way. The children learnt about the importance of using the correct knots so we could take it down again and ‘Leave No Trace’. It so turned out though however, that when I threw the rope up I didn’t allow enough slack and, after some vigorous swinging from the children, I struggled to get it down! An extra rope was raised and used as a step to gain a better purchase. Rope retrieved!

Along with the usual knife,saw and secateur use that has become more prevalent with the KS2 sessions, some children also had the opportunity to use a chisel this week to remove knots and lumps in their sticks. Working in pairs they used the self made mallets from previous sessions to support their work. Excellent concentration and safety on display.


Dens and tribes have been a key component for this cohort and they did not disappoint, with some of the best dens of this academic year being raised. Taught, spacious, high enough and comfortable (for the most part), the children had thought of everything, well done!

Hopefully the experiences of this full length session will help Hazel class get a head start on their shorter PPA session next week.


Listen to ‘I’m still Singing’ with Oak, Cherry and Hazel Class.


Easter Home learning

For our Easter home learning the children made collages of Easter scenes.

Class Assembly May 2017

We had lots of fun practising our assembly based on the Ancient Egyptians and we have all learnt so much from it.

Well done to everyone for working hard to learn your lines, the poems and the songs.  An extra well done to Charlie Harris, who could be a star in the making!

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After our amazing visit from Clive Pig, we were inspired to do some writing.  We used all the information we had learnt from him and through our drama workshop to write a report/fact sheet about Ancient Egypt.


Here are a few examples from Hazel Class.


First Week at Forest School

Due to the Year 4/5 PPA session and the extra adults needed to support the mock SATs week, this was another quick afternoon session. Despite the warning of rain from the BBC website the children got changed early, collected their gear and headed up smiling.

Hazel were a little slow getting up there (in coming weeks we may need to redistribute the gear) but after a while we arrived in the – surprisingly – dry valley and started our session. Though it was the first lesson of this block the children, have been to the woods in this capacity several times before so could get up and running with the activities fairly quickly.

The activities included plenty of eager and successful (for the most part) fire lighting; den building and tribe founding and even some tool use. One child was determined to find a swing seat to use for a rope swing and though we didn’t end up getting the swing up, he used a hand saw to cut through a fallen tree (the one Cherry had courageously harvested). With support from Mrs Sweeting he managed to safely use the saw and demonstrated good knowledge of the tool and how to handle it correctly. He showed fantastic recall and managing of own his risk!

The level of perseverance on show for the first session was fantastic. Many groups got fire lit quickly and successfully and it provided a good location for setting up dens around them. Next week we will cover fire and safe lighting in more detail, covering the use of resources; protecting the ground and leaving no trace whatsoever.

I look forward to next week and the longer morning session which comes. More tool use and time to get that rope swing up! Let’s go Hazel!


Until then,

Egyptian Drama Experience

Clive Pigg came to Laira Green Primary School earlier this week to introduce the Year 4 and 5 classes to the fascinating history surrounding the Ancient Egyptians.  The children were fascinated to hear all the gory details about how the Egyptians mummified their dead, involving washing the body, taking out the organs and storing them in jars, stuffing the corpse with straw, rubbing in essential oils and then hooking the brain out through the nose!!! They also acted out the Egyptian story surrounding a person’s journey to the afterlife.

Our children were amazed and entertained as always by all the information and anecdotes that Clive brought to school and they are very excited about writing factfiles, learning about the Egyptian Gods, writing with hieroglyphics.

Term 4

Bilibin Artwork

In art, we have been learning about the Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin. His first inspirations came from Russian folk and fairy tales and he was later commissioned to illustrate a series of books of fairy tales.  Here are some examples of his work.

We spent some time looking at the borders of Bilibin’s art work and tried to recreate some as well as designing our own.After that, we designed our own pictures based on Bilibin’s work using characters from the story, Ivan and the Firebird.  We used acrylic paints to paint our designs onto canvasses and then decorated the borders.

Term 3

Space Project February 2017

The children in Hazel class have been working on some home learning projects. They were asked to make a model or do some research about the topic of SPACE. Here are some of the projects that have been finished so far. We will put pictures of all the models on the school website.

Storytelling in Hazel Class

In English, we have been studying the story of Ivan and the Firebird .  We wrote a character description of the wolf and then drew a story map to help us retell the story.

Here is an example of our storytelling for the first part of the story.

Term 2

Visit to Manor Court December 2016

On December 1st, Hazel class visited Manor Court.  We sang some Christmas songs for the residents and then shared some of our home learning with them.  We were also very lucky to get a Christmas goody bag each!

After some mince pies and drinks we sang a few more songs and several of the residents joined in with Away In A Manger.  As we were leaving, we did a countdown for the Christmas lights to be switched on. We all had a really lovely time with the residents and hope they enjoyed it too.

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Topic Work and DT

As part of our DT and our topic work on Vikings, we designed and made our own Viking ships.  We researched what the ships were like and how they were made and then designed our own sails, dragon heads and shields.  We really had to persevere to get everything completed but are very proud of our finished products.

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Passover December 2016

We have learnt so much about Judaism this term.  For our final activity, we re-enacted the Passover meal, which Jewish people all over the world celebrate every year, remembering the times when their ancestors were slaves in Egypt and were then freed with Moses as their leader.

All the food that we tried had a symbolic significance: a boiled egg – new life and life as a continuing cycle; salt water – tears from the Hebrew slaves; charoset (pickle) – bricks and mortar used to build Pyramids; bitter herbs (horseradish) – bitterness of slavery; lamb Bone – the sacrificed lamb, blood used for marking the door post; parsley – spring and new life; matzoh (unleavened bread) – In their haste to leave Egypt and escape slavery, the Israelites had no time to let dough rise for bread; red wine (grape juice!) – joy and happiness in freedom from slavery.

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Anglo Saxon Brooches

Here are some of the amazing Anglo Saxon brooches made by the pupils in Hazel Class.

PE and Ball Skills

This term, Hazel Class have been really fortunate to have had extra PE lessons with Kevin Mee from LCA. He has taught us lots of ball skills and small sided games.  We also enjoyed playing lots of fun warm up games.

Learning about Judaism November 2016

We have been learning about Judaism and about Moses.  As part of our learning, we made these box stories to help us remember the story of Moses.  The idea is to draw part of the story on each cube face.  You then roll the cube with a partner.  Whichever picture lands face up is the part of the story you have to explain to your partner.

Home Learning – October 2016

An Anglo-Saxon at Laira Green

Clive Pig came into school this week to inspire us in our topic work and in our writing.  He told us all about the Anglo-Saxons and retold the story of Beowulf and Grendel.  He is an amazing storyteller and all the children were completely captivated.

We then had a workshop thinking about how the Anglo-Saxons might have felt on their journey to England and what it might have been like when they arrived.

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PHSE in Hazel Class

In PSHE, we have been thinking about friends and the qualities a friend might have.  First, we came up with some ideas and shared them on the outline of a body.  E.G.  A friend who likes the same things as you.  A friend is someone you can trust.

We then made a recipe for friendship soup – it was a fun way to think about what are friends are like.

Past Events

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