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In 2013-14

Healthy Teeth  – April 2014

The Dragonflies have been learning about healthy teeth. We learnt that there are different names for our teeth and investigated which foods are good for our teeth with those that are not.

We acted out what plaque acid does to the enamel on our teeth.
We had fun making the diferent types of teeth using Playdough and can now name and identify molars, pre molars, incisors and canines.


Dragonflies at the Allotment in March

At the allotment we sowed seeds, dug fertiliser into a patch so that it will be ready to transplant our seedlings. We also went to the orchard to look for signs of spring. There were daffodils and the cherry tree was in blossom. On the way to Forest School we had sticky wristbands put onto our arms and we collected leaves and other things we were interested in and stuck them to the band. While we were making Magic potions, we hung our bands on trees, it made them look good!

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Learning about Nepal March 2014

Dragonflies have been learning about Nepal. This lesson saw the class learning and sharing ideas about weather and climate.
We imagined that we were in Nepal and had to talk to our family in England to tell them what to wear!

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PHSE  February 2014

The Dragonflies have been looking at how to react to different situations.
The children used role play to act out varying scenarios and discussed how to be assertive.


Dragonflies and Numicon – February 2014

The Dragonflies class have been learning to subtract amounts by going over the boundary of 10.
They looked at how to ‘knock down the wall’ and subtract amounts over 10p and up to 20p.
The children had fun experimenting with the Numicon plates and matching diferent Numicon plates to set amounts.
The children have also learnt to recognise all amounts of coins and can reach a set amount using different coins.

January 10 2014

This week Dragonfly class have been learning all about Fairtrade.

A visit to the allotment and Forest Schools – December 2013

The children in Dragonfly class enjoyed their day at Forest Schools this week.  After a visit to the allotment,where they tried digging and planting, the class made their way to Forest Schools.

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They practised survival skills such as rubbing sticks, hunting for nuts and leaves and making a shelter. It may come in handy one day, you never know!

October 2013

Dragonflies had a great morning dong Forest Skills activities.

We were supposed to visit the allotment but due to the torrential downpour the night before we were unable to. So, we went to Efford Valley and enjoyed making stick faces and leaf colour and shape matching.  Afterwards we played in the rain on the trim trail.

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Past Events

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