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Also in 2013 -14

Butterflies Visit Forest School – June 6 2014

We were very lucky to spend an afternoon exploring Efford Valley.  The rain stayed away and we all had lots of fun.  We had a look in the allotment and could see strawberries and beans growing – yummy!  Then we had a go on the forest trail.  We all worked together as a team to stay safe and enjoy ourselves.  Finally we sketched the view and listened to the birds in the trees.  It was a lovely afternoon.

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Arty Butterflies – May 2014

Painting bowls in the Art Room

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Butterflies Assembly – Summer Term 2014

We really enjoyed performing for the whole school and our parents.

We learnt several poems and songs, shared some of our art work and did a short production of Red Riding Hood.

It was really great fun.  Miss Bailey said it was like something from the West End!

Then, after our assembly we completed the Sport Relief mile.



Golden Time

We love making things together during Golden Time.  It is a good opportunity to learn to share, work collaboratively and be creative!


Rocks and Fossils – Summer Term 2014

We had a fabulous visit from Kira’s dad, Mr Henderson.  He showed us rocks and fossils that he has collected over the last 30 years!  He even had a REAL dinosaur bone.

We were able to hold the rocks and study them more closely using magnifying glasses.  It was brilliant.  Thank you Mr Henderson.


May 23 2014

We love playing in the playground.  Our favourite games are frozen, football, skipping, hoola hooping and playing on the equipment.

During Sport Relief day we were taught lots of playground games such as stuck in the mud, What’s the time Mr Wolf and Granny’s slippers.




Walter Crane Garden Pictures – May 16 2014


The children in Year 1 and 2 studied the work of the Victorian illustrator Walter Crane.  Here you can see Goldilocks reaching to pick flowers in the Three Bear’s garden. The children in Butterflies showed their art work in their class assembly.  We would like to share some of our art work here too.

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Money, Money, Money!

The children in Butterflies have had lots of fun designing and making their own purses and wallets.  The children used different coloured materials, beads, sequins and glitter to add sparkle!  The children are very proud of their achievements, well done everyone.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears ICT project May 2014


We had lots of fun taking pictures with the digital camera.  We made a storyboard of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and took photos. Do you know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Can you tell it to someone?

Butterflies Forest school visit 29th January

It was Mrs Hughes first time visiting our allotment but there wasn’t much to see. We looked at the amazing view from up there and talked about the things we could see such as the river Plym, Plymouth Sound, our school and Lipson Community College.

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The year  1/2 classes completed a ‘carousel’ of activities as part of their Celebrations topic.  We learnt abou t Hannukah, Christingle and Diwali.

During literacy, we made Christingle biscuits and wrote instructions on how to do this.

We then met up as a year group to reflect on what we had learnt and to take the time to think about the people who care for us.  Christingle is a celebration that supports children who  are in need.  We thought about how it may feel to live in poverty or with little to eat, wear or having no real shelter.

November 2013

Plymouth Argyle players Luke Young and Romauld Boco took time off to visit Laira Green this term.  The children in 1/2 L/W learnt some valuable ball skills during their PE lesson with the players.


October 2013 at Forest Schools

Butterflies had a great afternoon at Forest Schools this week. P1070896

The class had to wait until the afternoon because the weather was so bad in the morning.  When we got there we played a Nature Treasure Hunt and gathered as many interesting leaves, pine cones and acorns as we could.

Afterwards we made faces out of our treasure.

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Laira Green Primary School

September 2013

Welcome to Year 1/2 .


A very warm welcome to Year 1/2.  We hope that you have had a good holiday and are ready for the new school year.  This letter will hopefully remind you of some of the routines that we follow in school and outline things that we will expect during the year.

Your child will take part in many activities and learning experiences which we hope they will enjoy.  In order for him/her to get as much as possible out of school we need to make you aware of our expectations.

Under the Sea and Up in the Sky   

We have sent a copy of the topic overview for this term so that you are aware of what your child will be learning. You may be able to support them at home, for example, by going to the library and finding books linked to your child’s topic work. We would also really appreciate help and support for the home learning tasks (see back page of leaflet) which are usually fabulous pieces of shared work.

Uniform/ Personal belongings

All children are expected to wear the correct uniform each day. Please ensure that all items are named.

Children also need to have their P.E. kits including plimsolls or trainers in school every day as PE will take place on different days.

PE kits consist of a white t-shirt, white shorts and trainers or plimsolls.  Black leotards are a suitable alternative for girls.  Please ensure that all kit is clearly labelled so that we can quickly match lost clothing to their owners!  May we also remind you that children are expected to have school shoes, not trainers, as part of their school uniform.  However, your child may change into trainers if they play football at lunchtime

Children may bring a named bottle of water to have during lesson times. This must be a clear bottle with a sports top.  Alternatively you can buy water bottles from the school office if you wish.

Toys and collectors cards are not permitted in school.

We expect a greater level of independence from your children now that they are in year 1 and 2. We encourage them to take responsibility for their belongings e.g. jumpers and cardigans and personal organisation at the end of the day.  The children are also responsible for putting their reading books in the reading box in class.  We endeavour to change all the reading books regularly.  Any help with reading will be most welcome.  DBS checks will be required. (These have replaced the old CRB checks).


All children are encouraged to be kind, caring and respectful to others and the school’s property. We ask for your support in encouraging your child to take responsibility for their own behaviour. The children have agreed a set of class rules in addition to our school rules for acceptable behaviour. Children who break these rules miss playtimes or ‘reward’ activities. If problems persist, parents will be notified and the matter will be referred to the head teacher. We reward good work and behaviour with stickers, house points, certificates and lots of verbal praise!


The children will continue to bring reading books home.  We would like to encourage you to listen to your child read on a daily basis. This is a valuable activity and will help him/her to make huge progress in their understanding of language.  Please use the reading log to let us know that you have heard your child read and to make any relevant comments.

After half term we will also give a short piece of English or Maths homework to be completed, if possible, over the weekend in addition to the shared learning tasks that are part of our topic work.  This work is usually linked to the work that your child has been involved with during the week. Please see your child’s teacher if you need to discuss homework.  House points are awarded for completion of homework!

End of the day

The children are reminded daily to stay with the class teacher until they see the adult who is picking them up. Please inform your child’s teacher if another adult is picking up your child. If you are going to be late, please telephone the school. If you need to speak to us please wait until we have dismissed all of the children.  It is always busy at the Y1/2 exit but we really do try to make sure that your children are safely handed over. Thank you for your help and patience with this.

Class 1/2 R will be exiting via the junior playground.

Meet the teacher evening

Wednesday 11th September at 3.15 – 3.45.  Please come and meet your child’s new teacher and see your child’s classroom.

Other Bits and Pieces

As part of school life we like to take photos of the children to use in the school newsletter or to display in and around the classroom to celebrate their learning.  The children may also be involved in food tasting during the year for which we require your permission.  We would be grateful if you could complete the permission slip at the bottom of the letter and return it to us as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 1/ 2 team


Please complete the form below.  Delete the do not / do sections as necessary.

I do not / do give permission for _____________________ photo to be taken

and used for display, for the school newspaper, on the school website or by the local press.

I do not / do give permission for ________________________ to take part in any food tasting this year.

Please give details of any food intolerances.




Signed __________________________________ paren

Past Events

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