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Year 4/3 – Sycamore, Mrs Gaskell 2014/15

Japanese Culture June 2015

Laira Green had a visit from a Japanese lady.  She talked to us about Japanese culture and dressed Mrs Gaskell in a kimono!

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A Visit to Efford Valley June 2015

Sycamore class had the opportunity this week for a brief glimpse into the world of Forest School at Laira Green in September.

We talked about tree identification and how we will be able to use different woods for different tasks in our groups. Our woodland den was displayed and the children had the chance to explore inside and learn about its creation and how they could contribute to its decoration. The children discussed the importance of being a good citizen and their responsibility in the local community to look after their shared green spaces. Several children from Sycamore also had their experiences to share from the extended Forest School sessions at the beginning of the year.
The class then needed to get their hands dirty at the allotment! With the RHS visit less than a week away, the children helped out by emptying old pots, helping to clear parts of the polytunnel and do some vital tidying. They also helped eat some strawberries which were taking up space…
On a thoroughly hot afternoon, the children came back tired but smiling and also carrying a cucumber or two!

Measuring – Maths in Sycamore Class March 20 2015

We learned about mm, cm, m and Km. Then we measured each other in cm and converted to metres. We found there are lots of different ways to measure.

Performance Poetry March 2015

We had great fun rehearsing our performance poetry. We got some inspiration from watching a video of Michael Rosen.

Mr Science- February 2015

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Eden Project Feb 2015

Sycamore Class had a fantastic day out at the Eden project!  We learnt all about being rainforest rangers, how to survive in the rainforest and the different foods that grow there.  Did you know that coffee, sugar, chocolate and rubber all come from the rainforest?

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Food Tasting in Sycamore – Feb 2015

In DT, we have been learning about tropical rainforests and their climates.  We have been exploring the different foods grown there and have had a chance to taste some of them.  We really liked the mango and vanilla, but weren’t too sure about the avocado!

Sycamore 19th January 2015 PE

In PE we’ve worked on our ABC’s. Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.  We used 1, 2and  3 point balances  whist making sequences on the apparatus.

Our Archery session was great fun and we learned how to aim and shoot at the target.

Sycamore, Chestnut and Hazel class make peppermint creams. Jan 2015

Mrs Dodds and Mrs Smith gave a demonstration and then we had a go at making our own.  We even made little trinket boxes to put them in and wrote our own instructions for making peppermint creams!

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Potting on at the allotment 6th January 2015

As part of our Science work we are looking at the function of the parts of a flowering plant.

On Tuesday we walked to the allotment and took some pot bound plants out of their pots. The roots had no room to grow and had started to wind around the pot. We teased out the root and re-potted them in bigger pots of soil and compost so that they could continue to grow.

Winter Allotment Visit 21 Nov 2014

Despite the shorter afternoon slot and the adverse weather conditions (we all got a bit damp!), Sycamore class marched up to the allotment this Wednesday for an extra special treat! They were the first class to meet our new chickens!

Even though it was raining they were out of their coop, scratching around while Jason told us about the start of their Laira Green life. They hadn’t taken long to get settled in and had even started laying eggs, which usually won’t happen until after a week or more! Jason is obviously very welcoming. We also sampled the last of the baby plum tomatoes that were in the poly tunnel before we cleared out the tomato plants to compost them.

We also got our hands nice and dirty by digging holes with spades and planting handfuls of bluebell bulbs, which will make the far end of the allotment area (by the orchard) look stunning in spring.

We then had a brief introduction to the four new additions to the chicken coop, some very grand looking hens. They immediately started trying to establish their idea of ‘the pecking order’ and there were quite a few feathers flying, much pecking and flapping of wings as the new chickens clashed with the others. We were assured that this was quite normal and that the chickens would soon all be comfortable living together.

A thoroughly enjoyable, if moist, afternoon!

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In RE, we have been learning about Christianity and Islam.  We were lucky enough to have two religious leaders come to speak to us about their faiths.

Maths November 2014

We have focused on addition in maths this term.  We have learnt lots of new methods and have enjoyed making our lessons practical.

Have a look at some of the 3D shapes that we have made!

Science in Sycamore Class – October 2014

This term, we have been learning about forces in Science.  We carried out an experiment to see how toy cars move across a different surface and recorded the results in our books.  Now we are investigating how magnets work!

Ancient Greek Topic Day – October 2014

Hazel, Chestnut and Sycamore classes had a wonderful Greek topic day on Wednesday 22nd October. Many of the children came to school in wonderful Ancient Greek costumes including togas, laurel wreaths and even a set of armour! The children enjoyed food tasting, traditional Greek dancing, designing Greek pots, and writing their names using the Greek alphabet, learning about the Greek number system and much more! A great day was had by all, here are some photos of  the food tasting and dancing.

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Clive Pig – September 2014

We were very lucky to have experienced a storytelling performance and workshop from Clive Pig.  We learned about the Ancient Greeks, their beliefs and practices, food and customs.  Clive really brought all the stories to life and was very funny.  Some children even got to dress up and be part of one of the stories!

Our favourite story was Theseus and the Minotaur.  Did you know the Aegean sea is said to be named after King Aegeus , who threw himself off the cliff into the abyss when he thought his son had died in battle against the minotaur?  IN fact, Theseus was still alive and had forgotten to change his ship’s sails from black to white!

Thanks to Mrs Marvin for organising the event.

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