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Year 4/3 Miss Simpson-Sycamore 2015/16

Term 6

Young Readers at Build A Bear!

Meet our four new furry friends: Patch, Lilly the learning bunny, Bearaby Jnr and Lewis the listening dog!  


The children in IMG_4526year 3 and 4 got to make them today on their trip to Drake’s circus as part of the Young Readers Programme, with the help of the lovely staff at Build a Bear!

We have had such a fun-filled morning, also visiting Waterstones to choose a book and listen to a story, and Tiger, where we drew our future selves and got a goody bag! We also had a storytelling session with David Doyle – much fun was had by all!

This was all made possible by our participation in the Young Readers Programme – a fully-funded, charity run programme that enabled the children to receive 3 new books for free!

As a result of our participation, we have seen a big increase in the children’s enjoyment and engagement of reading as well as a developed understanding of how to choose an appropriate book. The children have been recommending good books to each other, requesting books and authors, as well as sharing the books once finished!

It has been a pleasure to work with the children in year 3 and 4, as well as their teachers.

Keep reading!

P.s. please remember children: once you have finished your book, if none of your family or friends want to read it, we would love you to donate it back to school so other children can enjoy the books too!

Mrs Gregory.

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Young Readers June 2016

Not put off by the typical British weather, we moved our reading ‘picnic’ from our park plans into the lower hall. Year 3 and 4 had a lovely afternoon looking at, choosing and beginning to delve into their first brand new book! Requests are now flooding in for event 2 and I will be placing the order for the next wave of books by the end of the week!

Get reading !

Mrs Gregory

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Term 5

Sewing Club April 2016

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Term 4

Year 3 Writers Workshop

On Thursday 10th March, some year 3s, who had been selected as talented writers, attended a workshop with children’s author Sally Crabtree. Here is some of what we got up to

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Year 4 reading trip to Marjons

On Wednesday 9th March, Year 4 children from Chestnut and Sycamore classes went to Marjons for the day to discover books. They had an amazing time and were involved in workshops where they wrote story endings, stepped into a virtual book, used rhythm and instruments to tell stories and even made their own book. Once again the children were very well-behaved and I was very proud to accompany them.

Mrs Owen

Term 3

Monet January 2016

Sycamore have been enjoying recreating one of Monet’s famous paintings.  The title of their painting is ‘Haystacks.  The children dabbed acrylic paint on to their picture, building it up in layers to create the feeling of movement.  

Sycamore have been enjoying recreating one of Monet’s famous paintings.  The title of their painting is ‘Haystacks.  The children dabbed acrylic paint on to their picture, building it up in layers to create the feeling of movement.  

Haystacks is a title of a series of impressionist paintings by Claude Monet. The primary subjects of all of the paintings in the series are stacks of hay in the field after the harvest season. The series is known for its thematic use of repetition to show differences in perception of light across various times of day, seasons, and types of weather. The subjects were painted in fields near Monet’s home in Giverny, France.
We really enjoyed our art session and have almost finished our paintings!

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2016

After listening to some survivor’s stories and learning what the Holocaust was, the children discussed this year’s theme, Don’t Stand By.

They used templates of candle flames to show their understanding and thought process of the cruelty.

Roman Chariots

Sycamore have been making fantastic Roman Chariots.. We looked at pictures in books to help to plan our design and we chose materials and ways to join.

We needed to make an axle for the wheels and some of us decorated the finished article. We very much enjoyed making them and it improved our knowledge of Roman lifestyle.

Examples of Home Learning

We would like to share some of the fantastic home learning the children in Sycamore class have been doing in the last couple of weeks.  Inspired by our topic work on France and our art and non-fiction writing, we have enjoyed researching and writing facts about the French Impressionists.  

We are very proud of what they have achieved.  Take a look at our photos!

 Thank you to all the parents and carers for helping the children with their homework tasks each week.

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Home Learning Term 3

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HL Chestnut

Year 4/3 Spring Term Spellings

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Sycamore 2015

Term 2

Christmas Mosaics In Sycamore Class

Following our topic work on the Romans, the children in Year 3/4/5 classes enjoyed taking part in a mosaic art workshop with a local artist.  The children used small, square ceramic tiles to stick on to their tree.  When the trees were filled with tiles they were grouted and returned to school to take home for Christmas decorations.

Term 1


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