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Year 3 Sycamore

Term 5

Term 4

Year 3 Visit the Eden Project Spring 2017

As part of Science Week our Year 3 children visited the Eden Project on Thursday this week.

Luckily, the weather was kind and the sun shone most of the day. Once again, our pupils did Laira Green proud. The teachers were complimented on how well the children behaved.

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Term 3

Visit to Forest School February 2017

What a great week for Sycamore to start Forest School! It was the last day of good weather before the temperatures dropped again and the rains set in so we made the most of it. Even though it was dry we raised the main tarp because, you never know, we may need it next week. There was some great teamwork and encouragement on show! The children then started collecting sticks for the fire to keep us warm and following this the children were reminded about fire safety and linking the fire circle to the blood bubble.

The children were given the opportunity to light pieces of cotton wool with a fire steel as practice for them lighting their own fires in the two weeks to come and, though some were more successful than others, there was a fantastic level of perseverance on show!

The majority of the session was taken up with…den building! Tarps and ropes were collected and constructions were raised all over our area of the woods. It was lovely to see the energy that this task was approached with, some great teamwork helping to make and then improve some fantastic dens. Some were decorated; some had coat racks; some had seats and some even had ‘tvs with remote controls’!

I look forward to more of the same energy and enthusiasm (with hopefully a repeat of the good weather!) next week.

Term 2

Science in Sycamore November 2016

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Clive Pig visit with Chestnut and Sycamore classes.

On Wednesday the wonderful story teller, Clive Pig paid another visit to Laira Green. This time, he worked with Chestnut and Sycamore classes.

The first thing he told us was how he loves to visit our school, complimenting the children on their enthusiasm and behaviour. He went on to tell stories from Ancient Greece including Theseus and the Minotaur and Medusa which the children really enjoyed. Afterwards, in class workshops, the children were given opportunities to act out scenes from a typical Greek market from ancient times and learned how to haggle and barter. They also joined Clive in a singing a song.

Past Events

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