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Year2 Mr Jane-Dragonflies 2015/16

Term 6

Year 2 at Paignton Zoo July 2016

We had a wonderful day at the zoo despite the rain.  We saw dozens of wonderful animals and learned a lot about them.

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A Visit to Pizza Express!

On the 5th of July, Year 2 visited the Pizza Express restaurant.  We had a wonderful time, learning about the restaurant, the recipes and making our own pizza.  

Music in Year 2

The Year 2 video is their rendition of Simply B…. they are the year 2 woodwind section.

Investigating Shapes June 2016

This week, children learned about the properties of 3D shapes.  We compared prisms and pyramids and found many different ways that we could make nets of the shapes.

Term 5

Year 2 Summer Spellings

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Term 4

This term we have been learning about healthy food and through our design and technology lessons we have designed and made a healthy snack.

We started by evaluating existing snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables against criteria such as its appearance, taste and texture. We tasted peppers, carrot, cucumber, apple, pear, a manufactured snack bar and even lemon juice!

Then we practised the main skills needed to make the product, such as grating, peeling and cutting fresh fruit and vegetables.

Finally, we created class design criteria and wrote our own instructions to make our product and used these to help us create our very own healthy snack in a bag.

Term 3

Science  -The Senses Feb 2016

This half term in science we have been learning about the 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We did some fun experiments to test our senses.

To test our taste we picked out a random skittle sweet with our eyes closed and had to guess the colour from the taste.

To test our sight we used a wall chart with the letters getting smaller, just as they do in the opticians.We tested our smell using 4 jars with different food items inside; these were cheese, chocolate, vinegar and lemon.

To test our hearing we sat in a circle and one person sat in the middle blind folded, Mr Jane then pointed at a child to make a sound and the person in the middle had to guess where the sound came from. Our hearing was very good and we could identify where the sound came from easily.

We used a mysterious box of objects to test our touch, closing our eyes and feeling the objects before guessing what they were.

We have also been learning about animals including humans and finished off our topic by investigating a real mackerel. We were able to pull open its fins and look inside its mouth. The children were fascinated by how the mackerel’s mouth opened and popped out wide to take in its food. Some children were brave enough to touch the mackerel’s teeth and described the feeling of Velcro. Whilst looking at the mackerel we discussed what was similar and different about it, compared to us. The children noticed that it had a tongue, but it was silver and that its eyes were on the side of its head, rather than the front. It was a very interesting and fun end to the topic, although rather smelly!

RE Storytelling

This term Mrs George came into our year 2 classes and told us a Jewish story, The Purim story. The story is about the King Ahasheurus, ruler of Persia and how he finds his new wife, Esther, who unbeknown to him is a Jew.

In the story the King also appoints a new prime minister, Haman. We all acted parts of the story using a grogger (ratchet) each time the name Haman was mentioned. Haman deceitfully obtains royal consent from the king to destroy all Jews but Esther finds out and bravely confronts the king to bring a stop to it. King Ahasheurus realises he has been deceived by Haman and orders him to be killed. It was decided that each year this story would be remembered and Jews across the world would celebrate their freedom during this holiday of Purim.

After listening to the story we had a chance to make masks and crowns like King Ahasheurus and Esther would have worn using jewels and sequins kindly provided by Mrs George.

PE in Year 2

This term PE we are focusing on the core skills of agility, balance and coordination (ABC). The children enjoyed the different activities and were keen to do their best. They have been working collaboratively, collecting scores for their team partner and encouraging their partner to succeed. Some activities involve house point team challenges and the children have been excited and motivated to do their best at these for their team. The children are also completing a timed running challenge each week where they aim to show improved fitness and stamina. These photos show some of the balance and coordination activities we have been doing.

Maths in Dragonflies Class

This half term in maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

The children enjoyed using the 2D polydron pieces to make nets of 3D shapes. They were then able to describe the different 3D shapes that they had made and could talk about the different 2D shapes that made up the faces of these 3D shapes.

We have also learnt that a face is a flat surface of a 2D or 3D shape and that the vertices are the corners, or points on a 2D or 3D shape. Finally, we learnt that 2D shapes have sides but 3D shapes have edges – we had fun counting these in our groups!

Year 2 Home Learning Spring Term

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Year 2 Spring Term Spellings

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spell 2


Dragonflies 2015

Term 2


We thoroughly enjoyed halloween in Dragonflies! First, we worked together in teams to wrap one of our classmates up as a mummy. Then, we played pin the smile on the skeleton. Miss Roomes was really mean and made us wear a blindfold! After the games, we talked about the qualities of a good team.

Class Assembly October 2015

We really enjoyed performing our class assembly!

Our assembly was an insight into what we have learnt so far this year we included a variety of subjects; Science, Maths, French, Music, English and Forest school.

Term 1

Year 2 Alien Landing

In Year 2 we have been writing letters to Atmo the alien persuading him to come to our planet.
On Tuesday 20th October a rocket landed in the KS1 playground! We were so excited to explore the scene. A few items were left in the rocket including; a letter from Atmo the alien, alien food and a silver blanket. All of the children had the opportunity to explore the site and taste the alien food, YUMMY!

Dragonflies Class – Our Learning This Term

In Science we have started our topic on ‘Uses of everyday materials’. We started the topic by discussing what we already know about materials then the children had the opportunity to look at a range of objects and sort them under the correct material heading. We found that some objects were made of more than one material!

In Maths we have been learning the place value of numbers. We have enjoyed using place value counters to help us to order numbers from smallest to largest. We love using practical resources in Maths because it helps our understanding.

In English we have been learning how to persuade and have enjoyed acting out our persuasive arguments, we are very bossy! Learning to persuade has helped us to write letters to Atmo’s teacher to persuade her to let him come to visit us. We are SO excited!


Year 2 Forest School – Week 1

With the new Forest School procedures now in place the Year 2 children made their inaugural trips of the term. This would see two groups go on alternating weeks for the first seven weeks. The idea is to build upon the things they learn to help them recall and make use of these skills in years to come, especially as they go on up to KS2 and have more sessions in the woods in Y6. As Mr Blake’s Forest School work is assessed and passed back by his assessors, a handbook about what we do in Forest School will soon be available to view on the website.

During the first weeks the groups made adventure sticks! These were not any old sticks though, we talked about which sticks we could use so as not to irreparably harm trees. We used loppers (having a good tool talk beforehand) to cut the branches from some overgrown Sycamore specimens we know of and then used secateurs to trim them carefully. The children then had the opportunity to search their area of woodland to find things to tie onto their stick, be it a pine cone, a fern frond, an interesting leaf or a beech nut husk. This made each and every stick individual and many of the children showed great skill and perseverance to independently attach the items using either string or other means. Some sticks were hidden in the woodland den and others ended up making a den!

We finished the first session by showing the children how to put up the large shelter in case of bad weather. We talked about how it was good practice to put it up every session to become familiar with the knots needed and so that if and when we did need it ( and we almost certainly will!), we could get it up fast!

Overall it was a great first week for both groups of the Year 2 children, they showed a fantastic level of responsibility and maturity using the tools and long may that continue into the coming weeks.

 Week 2

For the second part of their Forest School experience, the children got a bit more hands on. We spent some time in the classroom tying knots where there was lots of practice using the visualiser to help everyone see all the steps. The knot in question was a clove hitch:


We would go on to use this to secure the seat for our rope swings in the woods! Upon walking to the valley we discussed rules for making swings in trees. We came up with the following guidelines:

  1. Find a strong tree with a strong branch that can take your weight.
  2. Get some strong rope.
  3. Make sure the ground is relatively clear and flat underneath the swing.
  4. Use a heavy stick weight to help get the rope up into the tree.
  5. Take turns when swinging.
  6. Don’t push each other off.
  7. Make sure the rest of the group stand clear.

Having come up with these rules the Year 2s were split into two groups and Jason and Mr Blake went off with them to find a site. The children tied the clove hitch for the seat, tried to throw the rope up into the tree and pulled it up nice and safely. One of the central ideas about our Forest School work is that we leave no trace, so we tied the swing up in a way that we would be able to take it down again. Everyone had a turn, even the children who were wary initially, very brave

Following the swing construction it was time for a bit of an explore to find a good site for a den! The children scoured their area of the valley to find a good tree or trees for a prop and good sticks and branches from the ground to use as walls and roofs. There was some great team work on show as the Year 2s hunted for the right length sticks. The looked for those which had a fork in the end to use a rest or indeed even some leaves from the ground to decorate the outside. Many of the dens were really successful and went to show that the more effort and imagination put in, the better the result. The children that persevered and worked together to pull the bigger and sturdier sticks had the stronger dens. Their creations made a fantastic end to another great week in the woods!


Week 3 

Upon arriving in the Valley the children put up the large tarpaulin shelter, they’re getting quite quick at doing it too! We then had a fairly in depth ‘tool talk’. This week marked a big step in responsibility for the children. The tasks for this week mostly involved tools and their uses, safety rules and the all important ‘blood bubble’. Whenever we use a bladed tool in Forest School the children know to follow the ‘blood bubble’ procedure which is:  

Make sure that the person/persons not using the tool are at least 1 metre, if not more, away from the person using it. This is to prevent injury to observers in case of the tool operator falling or slipping and the tool coming out of their hands.

This week we continued to use secateurs and loppers in a woodland identification activity. The children worked with Jason to identify and locate Sycamore and Ash saplings and suckers in the woods that we could harvest in an environmentally friendly way for our use. Jason reviewed the tool safety rules, the different parts and their uses and which tool we could use for which job.

The children also had the opportunity to use a bow saw. They learnt about its parts and different techniques needed to make a good cut. The children worked with Mr Blake to saw through pieces of wood that were up to as thick as their arms! We learnt about about cutting different types of wood and the children persevered through some wet and rotting wood before finding drier specimens.

Next week is the beginning of the end at Forest School for these Year 2’s. The final weeks will see them be able to use the skills they have learnt and get a glimpse of what they can access in years to come!

Week 4 Final Week November 2015

The last week of Forest School was a fantastic experience! Nearly everybody took part in a whole host of activities. The main focus of the session was on looking forward into the skills they would learn in Y3. A large part of this was on safe and responsible fire lighting, safety rules and above all on leaving no trace. This is a major motto of ours in Forest School, nothing synthetic is left in the valley (for example we take down our carefully constructed rope swings upon leaving) and we try wherever possible to leave the valley as we found it (often tidier!).

As we have practised through the weekly sessions, the first task was to raise the shelter in case of rain. There was a real possibility we might actually need it this week! As a group we then built the fire and when it was lit and a safe area established around it, the children were given a free choice of activities. They could: stay with an adult and safely keep the fire stoked, using the method laying sticks from the bottom so as to minimise the risk of burning hands; help to construct another rope swing, trying to remember knots and find a safe site; build a den using scavenged wood; explore!

Luckily there was only a smattering of rain and the shelter was not needed! The session culminated in the children cooking marshmallows over the dying embers of the fire before helping restore the seated area to the way it was when we arrived. Leave no trace!

Overall this has been a brilliant start to the new direction Forest School has taken at Laira Green. For the most part the Y2 children have outdone themselves in the way they tackled risks, made the most out of learning opportunities and supported each other through discovering new skills. My thanks go out to the teachers and teaching assistants that have supported Jason and myself in the sessions this term, your help is greatly appreciated!

Mr Blake


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