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Year 2 Dragonflies

Term 5

Term 4

At the Allotment in Spring

This term Year Two have been learning about plants.

To enrich the learning experience we have visited the school allotment to see plants in their natural environment. When we arrived at the allotment, Jason showed us our new KS1 raised bed. He then explained that we will soon be planting raspberry and the other fruit bushes we requested there.


We then went to the polytunnel and learnt about compost and a new type of soil enricher; coco fibre. We learnt and saw with our own eyes how the coco fibre expanded when water was added. This was then added to the soil to improve the quality. Next, we sieved compost to remove any large or unwanted debris. We learnt that when planting seeds, the compost must be fine and free of lumps.


After this, we planted green pea seeds using our prepared compost. Finally, we raked the soil in preparation for the wild flower bed near the entrance to the allotment. We learnt that this soil needs to be fine and aerated so that the wild flowers will flourish in their new environment.

Skittle Rainbows

Children in Key Stage One have been investigating dissolving by making skittles rainbows.  

This is a great experiment that you can do at home!

Just put a ring of skittles around the edge of a plate.  Then pour warm water onto the plate so that it covers the plate leaving no dry spots.

Finally just sit back and watch your rainbow form!

Look carefully and you might notice some interesting details.


Maths Arrays March 2017

In this practical session the children were asked to make arrays using cones and other large objects. They worked in small groups to make different arrays that make the same number.


Term 3

Creating Weather Music

Year 2 (Dragonflies and Butterflies Classes) are linking their musical compositions to the topic of the seasons and the weather.  The children are composing with instruments in groups.  They are also using two new ipad minis that we were able to buy from the sale of the Christmas CDs.


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Term 2

A Visit from Brian Pollard December 2016

Mrs.Ford arranged for renowned artist Brian Pollard to visit Laira Green to do an art workshop with Key Stage 1 pupils.


He showed the children how to create a landscape picture depicting local features found on Plymouth Hoe. The children were extremely excited about the visit and painted with great enthusiasm as Brian supported them throughout the afternoon.


The results can be seen on our display in the lower corridor. Thank you Brian!

A Visit to the Allotment October 2016

This week we had a fun filled day visiting the school allotment.yr2

First we looked at the sunflower heads and spotted the seeds that were left, some were better than others. Here is a picture of the prize winning sunflower and its beautiful seed head.

Then we spotted the left over runner bean pods and Jason opened one up to show us the seeds inside. We learned that we need to wait until the bean is brown to harvest the seeds for future use. Here is a picture of the seeds we harvested today.

Next, we went to the orchard and picked some apples from the trees. We also learned that some apples are blushed red because they face the sun, while their underside is still green as the sun has not reached here. We also found a funny shaped apple!


Then we watched Jason cut up a watermelon (grown on the allotment!) while he explained that melons have evolved and can be grown in any shape nowadays using a plastic mold. We also learned that the melons with seeds are sweeter than the melons without seeds!

Finally, we got to eat the watermelon!



We finished the session by helping clear a raised bed area in preparation for planting carrots and other root vegetables next spring…

When we cleared the ground there was one raspberry plant hidden underneath – with one juicy raspberry ready to eat!



The Fun Times Tables

Fun times tables practise!

Here is a link to a fun website where your children can practise their times tables – this is also available as an app.

Children in year 2 need to know the 2x, 10x and the 5x. Please see your child’s practise sheet to find out which times tables they are currently

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