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Our Learning Journey Yr 1

Ladybirds – Mrs Ford


Bumblebees – Mrs Hemmingway and Mr Blake

Foundation visit Pennywell Farm Summer 2015

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Foundation visit to Efford Valley – 17 June

This Wednesday afternoon Foundation classes had the opportunity to go on a hunt in Efford Valley! The children had recently been learning about pirates in class and in the woods they had to go on their very own treasure hunt! Presented with a sheet of different leaves, the children were challenged (supported by the staff and fantastic parents) to search out trees such as Holly, Beech and Sycamore. Foundation showed their determination and managed to complete nearly the entire the sheet! Species which hadn’t been highlighted as being obvious (such as Rowan and Ash) were found by some of the intrepid explorers, the children really showed the grownups how it was done! After the hunt the children then had the opportunity to explore the den which the council helped us create, they were suitably impressed to say the least! It is really something, blocking out most of the light from above, making it much darker than any other area in the woods. It’s like a different world! Foundation also went on the search for some Pirate booty! The challenge was to find something bright, something smooth, something sticky and something spiky. The enthusiasm they showed for this task was brilliant; smooth sycamore and laurel leaves, bright Campion and bindweed flowers, sticky cleavers or burdock seeds and spiky holly leaves were all found on our booty hunt! What a haul of natural treasures we found! A thoroughly exciting and tiring adventure all round. Thank you so much again to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Foundation Gardening Afternoon 20 May 2015

The weather managed to stay dry and sunny for our annual garden tidy-up! Jason and several parents came to help us pull up the weeds, plant some new plants and make signs and decorations for the garden. We planted geraniums, marigolds and violas as well as the basil and tomatoes that we started off in the classroom earlier in the year. We are hoping we will be able to make some tomato and basil soup for the children to try!

Our garden now looks fabulous again for the children to enjoy for the rest of the summer ! Many thanks to our parent volunteers and of course Jason – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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Bumblebees Class Assembly May 2015

Bumblebee class performed in front of the whole school to explain about their learning. They told us how they had been learning about ‘People who help us’ and the different professions they had researched. They even made up a song about it! It was called ‘Old Macdonald lived in town…’. Lots of the children in the school joined in with the chorus!!

The children also demonstrated their mathematical learning and spoke about the adding they had been doing. Mr George then helped us demonstrate the ‘Makey Makey’, a special circuit board which can turn any conductive material into an input for a special computer program to translate into an output. In our case we turned two children into a human drum!

By the end of the assembly the whole school were singing our ‘one less’ song, Alice the Camel! Well done Bumblebees for a fantastic assembly! Thank you to all the parents and carers that were able to make it, your children did you proud!

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The Animal Lecture Service Visit Foundation in May 2015

Foundation had a visit from the fantastic Jack Pressman and his Animal Lecture Service on Thursday of this week. Jack provides a mobile zoo service, bringing a wonderful variety of animals to schools (as well as other functions) for the children to learn about.

Bumblebees and Ladybirds each had separate talks with Jack. We learnt about the six different animals he had brought with him: two giant hissing cockroaches (partial to a bit of rotten banana skin), a giant millipede (called Millicent!) that could walk forwards AND backwards, a southern white faced owl called Twitter (from the southern half of Africa, a nocturnal bird that seemed quite nervous!),

Parents Help Out at The Allotment April 2015

Both classes ventured up to the allotment after some miserable weather luckily cleared up in the afternoon. We were also blessed with a large number of parents helpers so we managed to get loads done!

The children were split into their respective classes and given some important jobs to do. Ladybird class were tasked with preparing some beds and had the opportunity to use hand tools, making sure they carefully followed instructions from Jason. They removed unwanted plants and then planted some runner beans in. As the beans matured last year they were a thing of real fascination as the children came up to the allotment, the vibrant purple and green beans were often collected as trophies! Bumblebees were given a similar task at the other end of the allotment, they needed to prepare a large area for more strawberry planting! With some of the adults using big forks to turn the soil over, the children busily got their hands dirty (wearing gloves of course) and very quickly removed a large amount of weeds, roots and unwanted material. They showed great responsibility in pointing out bits of broken glass that remained in the soil from when the area was waste ground. The children were also keen to collect lots of juicy worms to feed to the chickens!!


After all our hard labour we took turns to see inside the polytunnel and learn about all of the flowers and vegetables which are growing in there. We then arrived at the chicken coop! The children were really excited to be to have the opportunity to see them for the first time, they devoured the worms we collected and everyone  was able to go inside and feed them a dandelion leaf. The chickens are quickly becoming school celebrities!!


A massive thank you must go to all the parents who came to help, the amount of support was overwhelming and it made the visit with that many children run smoothly. We look forward to taking the children to the woods after half term!

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The Ambulance Visits Foundation!

Apologies to all of the worried parents and carers at home time on Tuesday this week. It looked like all of foundation had been to accident and emergency! We had in fact enjoyed a fantastic visit from the ambulance. Nick and Amanda the paramedics were great, showing the children inside the cab (lots of buttons to press and helmets to wear!) and did some super role play with the children, imagining they had an injury and were very obliging with applying bandages and slings! A big thank you to our lovely new TA, Miss Jones who arranged this for us.

Outdoor Learning April 2015

Well, the sun has definitely got his hat on at the moment and in foundation stage we have taken advantage of the good weather to take the learning outside!

Reception Pamper Afternoon – March 20 2015

A big thank you to all of our mums, nans, aunties and friends who came along to our pamper afternoon. It was really well attended and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves. We hope that you enjoyed your ‘new look’ and gifts that the children made.


The Reception Garage Band – February 2015

The Reception Drumming Circle!

Shapes February 2015

This week has been a special focus on shape. We have named 2D and 3D shapes, sorted them, looked at their properties, played shape games on the computer, made shape pictures, played shape bingo, found everyday objects of each shape and made shapes with our bodies. We have put some photos on of the different activities for you to look at. Don’t forget your shape learning log work- we are looking forward to you being shape detectives in the holiday!

Storytelling in Term 3

Another busy term! We started our Storytelling with ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and had a super theatre trip to see it performed by actors and puppets.  We have also used the stories of Jack and the beanstalk, The red hen, The billy goats gruff and Where’s my teddy? This has generated a lot of linked work, for example, role play, hot seating (taking the role of characters and the class asking questions), topic related maths e.g goats in the field addition, construction e.g. making a cave for the bears, building bridges for the goats, writing linked to our stories and lots, lots more!

Foundation Garage Band  Jan 30 2015

James, Sonny, Raynard and Tylers first experience with Garage Band. They used AppleMac technology to make their own disco track.


KS1 Christmas Party 2014!

We all had a fabulous time at this years Christmas Party. Lots of laughs, food and Christmas games!


Diwali in Foundation October 2014

This week we have been celebrating Diwali, we have made clay Divas, decorated the classroom with Torans and paper flower garlands, we have tried on Saris and danced to some Indian music and made some yummy Barfi sweets. Thank you to Niomi’s mum who came in and helped us with our learning about Diwali.

Have a lovely holiday, we have lots of lovely ‘celebrations’ activities for you to look forward to when we return.

The Foundation Team

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Foundation in Space! October 2014

This week we have used the story of ‘Whatever Next’ as a stimulus for a mini topic about space.

We have made wax resist paintings, practised counting and recognising numbers with space dot to dot, role played in our ‘space rockets’ or the space pod outside and weighed some ‘moon rocks’.  We have also looked at space non fiction books, practised our cutting skills when making some alien space ships, made space vehicles with construction kits and even did some space PE!

Wow what a busy week.

Bumblebees at the Allotment – October 2014

Plot to Pot!

On Wednesday the Bumblebees went to the allotment. It was a bit rainy but we saw lots of lovely things- tomatoes, beans, raspberries, chillies, and….apples. We had an apple each and brought them back to school. We quickly washed our hands and chopped the apples up to make ….apple muffins! Delicious! Thank you to Jason, Mr Blake, Miss Bunce and Karson’s mummy for their help.

No Pens Day Wednesday! Ladybirds October 17

As part of out space topic the children role-played a journey to the moon during a PE lesson.

At first the children were asleep on the long flight and they stretched and woke up ready to land on the moon. Next they dressed in their imaginary space suits, putting on the helmets and securing their heavy boots.

When they landed on the moon they used heavy, slow footsteps to climb down off the space ship and walk around. They jumped carefully over craters and rocks. After they got used to moving in this way the children were able to search for and retrieve some moon rocks (beanbags) which they took back to the space ship.

Finally the children prepared for their return trip to planet earth….

On Wednesday 1 October 2014 Ladybirds class visited the allotment today with Jason and Mr. Blake.

They stumbled on some rather large pumpkins which gave them the opportunity to practise their counting! (Ten in all) Next, Jason took us down to the polytunnel  to look at the tomatoes, peppers, melons and chillies growing! When Jason fetched his wheelbarrow the children and poured soil in it. The children then set about filling small plant pots for Jason to plant out winter pansies for our school hanging baskets. They will be ready later in the autumn.

One of the children picked up a very unusual carrot that looked like four carrots twisted around each other!  Then,  Jason pulled up an enormous carrot!    After planting, the children were able to enjoy a slice of allotment-grown melon – it was delicious! Our visit continued with a look at the apple trees in the orchard.  Jason explained how he is planning to grow some multi-variety apple trees when the area has been cleared.

Finally, we walked through the lower allotment to visit some chickens and the children gave them some dandelion leaves to eat. The class took the enormous carrot back to school to show Miss Bailey and they are planning to try tasting it to see if allotment-grown tastes best!

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29 September 2014

More photos of our new children enjoying their learning activities at Laira Green!

Our First Day


Foundation- 1st week of the term

What a lovely week! Lots of smart children in their new school uniform! The children have enjoyed exploring the reception unit and have taken advantage of this wonderful weather to explore outdoors too. We hope that you like this selection of photos of their first week at school.

Reminder- next week- all children are in from 9.00 – 1.15 and are staying for lunch.

Many thanks for your support with this transition time.

The Foundation Team

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