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Year 1 Mr Roe -Caterpillars 2015/16

Term 6

Caterpillars at Forest School June 2016

So we came to the final class to have their Forest School sessions this academic year. As mentioned for the sessions with Fireflies class, this two week block was only ever meant to be an introduction to skills and experiences the children would learn in the future. It turned out that we all had a very new experience!

Over the two weeks the children all had the opportunity to use the fire steels to make a spark and to ignite cotton wool in preparation for them lighting fires next year. We also discussed the needs and purposes of fire and about safety. A fire circle was constructed and for the most part the children we very good at observing the rule. A reasonably large fire was constructed in the second week so that when it died down there would be the embers to cook our marshmallows.

The children had plenty of opportunity to explore the area we use and to make dens using the ropes and tarpaulins. They showed good teamwork skills and shared resources in a sensible way. They used their creations well, inventing fantastic games and showing great imagination.

A rope swing was constructed in the first week which was great fun and also many of the children showed good skill navigating along the slack-line balance beam. Some almost got across without holding a helping hand, wow!

The new experience which was a first for Forest School at Laira Green was the eating of s’mores! Marshmallows are usually a treat for the last week but this week we took it up a notch or five by squashing the marshmallows between two biscuits! It was duly christened a ‘biscuit burger’ by one child!

It was a brilliant moment to finish off what has truly been a special year for our Forest School and the children of Laira Green. Our children are really fantastic and many of them showed a level of perseverance and teamwork that I was proud of. I gleefully look forward to what next year will bring! More of the same!

Until then,

Mr Blake

Term 5

Year One Update

Year 1 have transferred their sunflower plants to the allotments green house.

Each child was given 2 ‘titan’ sunflower seeds as a home learning task and told to return after the Easter break with a plant.

Now our plants are looking good and just need time to reach there full potential3New Arrivals at Laira – Dash and Dot arrived at Laira Green to support the on going teaching of coding in our school. Earlier in the month the year 1’s led the way trailing and testing the bots in class and in the hall. Then last week it was time for the bigger kids to have a go when the staff had their training. Each class have there own set of robots and soon you’ll be hearing exciting stories of them in

Yo Sushi Visit May 2016

This term in our topic work we are looking at the similarities and differences between British culture and Japanese culture. We wanted to give the children an opportunity to experience some traditional Japanese food and perhaps even see it being made. I contacted Yo Sushi! to see if they would be happy for us to come and visit their restaurant.

Wonderfully, Nick replied saying he could bring the restaurant to the school (almost!).

The children were excited to meet the sushi chefs even though they weren’t as sure about trying the sushi! For most of the children this was the first time they had tried the famous Japanese dish (let alone attempted to make it). It was a fantastic experience for them. The team of Yo Sushi! chefs brilliantly guided the children through making a ‘Maki’ and a ‘Hand Roll’. At the end, some of the children were keen to try out what they had made; others saved that experience for their parents and took their sushi home, along with a certificate to say how well they had done.

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Caterpillars 2015


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