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Foundation 2015/16- Mrs Ford, Mr Blake, Mrs S Ford

Term 6

Hat Competition – Queens Birthday

As part of the Queens birthday celebrations, Foundation held a Hat Competition. Here are some photos of the fun we all had on the day of the competition:

Music in Foundation – June 2016

Here are videos of the Foundation Music Session where the children are learning to be a conductor of an orchestra as part of their topic for the term.


Foundation Visit Pennywell Farm

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Term 5

Foundation News

This term the children have been learning about shape and patterns both inside and outside and are using shapes to construct models and buildings. The children are learning to name and talk about the features of 3D shapes e.g. ‘it has a curved edge, it has 6 faces, it has 8 corners’ etc.

In our topic we have also been looking at the features of spring and the growth and change of plants. The children had a visit from the Animal Lecture Service (Jack’s Zoo) on Tuesday 10th May to look at some unusual pets including a giant ‘hissing’ cockroach, a chinchilla, an African white-faced owl, a bearded dragon and a giant African snail! We are off to Pennywell farm soon and the children are very excited about it!

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Ladybirds Assembly April 2016

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Term 4

Bumblebee Class Assembly

Bumblebee class delivered their second class assembly to parents and carers this Friday morning and boy was it a song filled extravaganza (if I do say so myself).

They shared some of the learning they’ve done in school, talking about their Literacy with regards to storytelling and Maths work dealing with shape. They even did a shape quiz for the rest of the children in the school! They also shared some of their home learning, describing what they had done for their Learning Log tasks.

Musically the class were all moving around to the call and repeat song ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ and also shared the poem ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ that they had learned.

A video was played depicting the huge variety of learning the children have undertaken and they finished with a rousing alternative rendition of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ accompanied by Mr George on guitar.

The children have done us proud and I’m sure if Mrs Hemingway could have been there she would have been proud too.

Many thanks once again to Mr George and Miss Jones in supporting the class and to all of the parents and carers who came to watch.

Mr Blake and Miss Ditchburn.

Term 3

Foundation Spring Newsletter

Welcome Back everyone, we hope you had an enjoyable break.

This term our topic is ‘Storytelling’ and you will see from our leaflet that we will be covering traditional tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears as well as more modern stories such as ‘Frozen’ and ‘Toy Story’. The children have already seen the fantastic productions of Peter Pan and The Three Little Pigs this year and we have observed some fabulous role-play inspired by these productions and the other books in our topics.  

Over the Christmas holidays, we expanded our role-play area to include a much bigger enclosure which has been turned into a pirate ship, the 3 Bears house from Goldilocks and last week a troll cave! We bought a new play kitchen with accessories for the children and this has enriched their role-play too! We have also purchased some mini clip-boards and tool belts which hold the clipboards and pencils etc so that the children can mobilise their writing opportunities around the unit. Outside we have added a ‘clay station’ which includes clay, boards and tools that the children can use to create models or just change the consistency of the clay by working natural materials into it e.g. grass, twigs, leaves and water. The children are enjoying the new opportunities and it is fabulous to see them engaging with the new equipment and resources.

I would like to remind you that our whole unit targets for the autumn term were for the children to recognise their numerals to ten (in random order) and to be able to write their name. There are still many children who can not do this so please keep practising daily with the number flash-cards that we gave you during parents evening and hopefully you will have it cracked by the end of half- term.  If you need more please let me know. Two to three minutes twice a day using flash-cards is more beneficial than a longer session as research shows that it can take up to fifty times for a child to remember a numeral or letter!

Our new class targets for this term will be: –

Writing               – Continue to write own name and practise Read Write Inc letters

Maths – Number – Continue to recognise numerals 10 ten, then extend to 20+ check that

                            children can recognise them out of order.

Maths – Shape    – To recognise and name 2D shapes – circle, square, triangle rectangle

                            How many sides, points does it have? Tell me about your shape…

                           To recognise 3d shapes and name some of their features

                            How many faces, edges, corners does it have? Tell me about your shape…


Foundation Assembly

I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Parents/Carers, friends and relatives who were able to attend our class assembly – it was lovely to see you and I know the children were very proud to show you what they have been learning. Below, you will find the movie/slideshow that we showed at the end of the assembly, showing many of the learning opportunities that the children have enjoyed since starting school in September. Enjoy!

Mrs Ford

Foundation Teacher

Term 2

Farewell Mrs Hemingway

Mrs Hemingway, who has been at Laira Green since September 2000, is leaving at the end of term. During her time at Laira Green Mrs Hemingway has taught across the school before finally becoming the Early Years Leader in Foundation Stage.

Although many changes have taken place during her time at Laira Green, Mrs Hemingway has been fully supportive of school improvement and played an integral role in developing the Foundation Stage, History and took the lead on implementing the new curriculum across the school. One of her most significant roles has been the introduction of Read Write Inc., which has had a significant impact on children’s reading across the school.

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Farewell Miss Bunce! Dec 2015

Miss Bunce is leaving us and moving on to pastures new and a change in her career path. She has been a wonderfully creative Teaching Assistant at Laira Green since 2004 and has worked across the year groups. Her creative flair has ensured our school displays have been tiptop! We maybe asking you back to help Miss Bunce!!! We wish you every success in your new role and we are sure you will do a fantastic job!

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Ladybirds at the Allotment Dec 2015

It was Ladybirds Class’s first trip outside school to go and visit the allotment. The children were impressed by the views across the landscape and commented on what they could see.

Fireworks and Diwali

What a great start to term 2. Last week we enjoyed our first ‘celebrations’ topic about bonfire night. We made firework splatter paintings, designed and decorated our own ‘bottle fireworks’ and tested them to see how far they would fly.

Term 1

What a Week in Foundation!

We have finished our ‘up in the air and under the sea’ topic with a journey into space!

This week we have launched a cosmic rocket, joined Year 2 with their discovery of Atmo’s space pod which had crash landed in the playground, made wax resist space pictures, weighed ‘moon’ rocks, looked at non fiction space books, read ‘Whatever Next’ and did some follow up role play, shared some fantastic home learning project, used construction to build space rockets, drew aliens with a partner in ‘R’ time, made aliens with ‘cosmic’ play dough, did some space number dot to dots and finally fitted in some space PE games too!

What a week- time for a well deserved break. Have a good half term holiday, we will see you soon with our new topic of ‘celebrations’.

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Our First days at School

Foundation has been a busy place for everyone! We hope that you enjoy this glimpse of the children enjoying their first few days at Laira Green.

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Foundation Class Photo




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