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Foundation Stage

Term 5

Nurse Grace Visits Foundation – May 2017

This week foundation have been learning all about doctors and nurses.

We were very lucky to have a nurse come and visit us and share with us all about her very important job! Grace is a pediatric nurse who works with little babies up to 10 days old. Foundation were lucky enough to have a look at some of the equipment that Grace uses to look after all of the babie. Even more exciting, Grace gave us lots of equipment to use in our role-play area!

Foundation would like to say a HUGE thank you to Grace for giving up her time and sharing so much equipment with us! We have really enjoyed using it all in our Baby Clinic role-play area!

Firefighters Visit Foundation

On Friday 19th May, Foundation were lucky enough to have a visit from some more important visitors!

We met Firefighter Steve and his team and learned all about how to stay safe.  We learnt about the importance of smoke alarms and how to check them and Kylan demonstrated the stop, drop and roll moves people should do if they are on fire.  We also heard about all the different jobs the firefighters do including helping to free people in road traffic accidents and saving animals. We learnt how important it is to know our addresses in case we ever need to phone 999.

Mrs Taylor volunteered to model the firefighter uniform before we all went outside to see the fire engine and have a go at using the hose.

We had so much fun! Thank you very much to our special visitors and to Miss Bickford who organised the visit.

Healthy Eating

As part of our Healthy Eating topic week, the children made their own fruit salads by cutting up their choice of fruits, putting them into a pot and adding some orange juice.

The children demonstrated great concentration, skill and control when cutting their fruits – some of which were very small and fiddly! This activity produced some fantastic writing as the children then wrote a set of instructions detailing the process.

Well done Bumblebees, keep up the good work!

The Police Visit Foundation in April

On Tuesday 9th May, Foundation were on their best behaviour for some very important visitors!

We had the privilege of meeting PC Debbie and PC Evelyn as they came in to talk to the children about their roles as Police Officer and PCSO.

We have been learning about local heroes and people who help us in our community so this was a perfect experience, arranged by our lovely TA Miss Bickford. They explained why we should never be afraid of the police and how they can in fact help us and keep us safe.

They showed us what they would do to arrest a criminal and used real handcuffs to demonstrate on our willing (!) crook Miss B! Of course it was all pretend and they eventually let her go – after a search for the missing key!!

Then it was the children’s turn to play police officers as they were allowed to try on real police gear including a riot helmet, several other types of hat and big, padded jackets.

Another highlight of the visit was when PC Debbie used her radio to communicate to another police officer. We had a two way dialogue and the other officer thought that perhaps PC Debbie might need backup to control our rowdy lot! (The audio on the video does improve halfway through).

All joking aside, our special visitors remarked how pleasant it was to come into our school and how well behaved our children were.

Well done Foundation, you did us proud once again!

People Who Help Us

Our new topic board – people who help us. The children have used the board to discuss and guess what we are learning this term. We have included different people who help us in different areas of our local environment. We are all excited for the learning that is to come this term.

Our new wow board – This board celebrates wow moments in both classes. This term we have celebrated some children learning to ride their bikes without stabilisers, some fantastic reading over the holidays and some sentences that have been written independently at home.

Headteacher awards!

Here is an example of our writing this term, to incorporate healthy eating we have been writing instructions on how to make a fruit salad. Well done to Zak Magee, Lacie Maguire and Arthur Taylor who worked extremely hard on writing their instructions.

Outside Water Play – April 2017

To support our maths learning on capacity this week, the children have been experimenting with coloured and fragranced water and a variety of different containers.

The children were encouraged to think about which container would hold the most and least amount of water, to compare two or three containers and to predict how many cups it would take to fill each one. They have really enjoyed having a splash around!

Superhero Writing

The Foundation children absolutely loved hearing the story of Supertato and his arch nemesis Evil Pea!

Miss Simpson had a lot of fun recreating the vegetable characters at home for the children to then write speech bubbles for! We followed this up with writing speech bubbles for our favourite superheroes such as Hulk, Thor and Spiderman!

March 2017 Rainbow Sticks

This term we have introduced a new idea called Rainbow Stick challenges.

Each week there will be one or two activities which the children must independently complete to be awarded with a ‘rainbow stick’. Once awarded, the rainbow stick goes in the child’s own individual wall pocket and if, by the end of the week, the children have all of the required rainbow sticks, they will be rewarded with some form of extra play!

The area of learning will change regularly so that one week the challenges may be in reading and art, yet another week they may be in writing and maths etc. The challenges will also be differentiated to give every child the chance to complete the activity to the best of their ability.

The photos show the children enjoying their first week’s reward – playing on the ‘big children’s’ trim trail!

Foundation Visit the ICT Suite

This week the children paid a visit to the computer room in the main building.

Each year group are given their own computer login details and timetabled slots in which to use the computers. We tend to visit mostly in the second half of the year once children have developed their hand-eye coordination skills well enough to use the mouse.

Some children were most surprised when the computer did not respond to touch as they are so used to using tablets and smartphones!

There are many good, educational games that are free to play online such as those on and


World Book Day

World Book Day is always a lot of fun at Laira Green.  Here are some photographs of our Foundation Class dressed up as characters from their favourite books.  Well done Foundation you look great!

Allotment Afternoon for Bumblebees and Ladybirds in March

This afternoon 26/03/17, Ladybirds went up to the allotment. We went up to sow our spinach seeds – in the beds – we also got to plant some sunflower seeds into the little black pots.

It was a very exciting afternoon! We were also looking around the allotment for signs of spring – we found daffodils, new flowers growing, leaves on trees. We were lucky enough to also see a butterfly!

On Thursday morning Bumblebees enjoyed a fun filled morning at the allotment!  

We worked very hard and loved helping Jason.  We were all looking forward to seeing the chickens and luckily Jason was able to get Blue out to say hello to us.  We learnt that the chicken like worms to eat!  Our first task was to plant a sunflower seed in the poly tunnel.  We hope they grow taller than us!  After that we helped plant a blackcurrant bush, learnt how to grow ginger and sowed some beans.

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Mothers Day Pamper Afternoon

On Thursday afternoon the children in Foundation welcomed their mums and grandmas into class to treat them and let them know how much they love them.  The children enjoyed painting their nails, giving them a hand massage, decorating a biscuit, painting a rose picture and colouring.  The children really enjoyed taking care of their mums and grandmas and wanted to wish them all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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Foundation Learn About Fairtrade – February 2017

In Ladybirds class we have been learning about the Fairtrade symbol and what it means. We have looked at ‘Pablo’ the Banana and from we we learnt where bananas come from and why it is important for the farmer to get a fair price. (Pictures are some of the writing that we did around banana’s)

In music we looked at some South American drums as the Pablo was from Columbia!

We have also tasted some fairtrade produce, we ate bananas, mango, peppers and honey melon!

Science with the Billy Goats Gruff January 2017

Ladybirds and Bumblebees had a week of science all linked to the Billy Goats Gruff.

We started off by testing different objects and materials to find which ones would float. We then designed a raft that would get the Goats across the river without having to bump into the mean and hungry troll.

Then the children used their plans to build rafts.  Once we had built them we tested them in the water to see if they would float. We found out that not all of our rafts floated once we tested them with an animal on!

We had forgotten about the extra weight. All had lots of fun taking part in our science experiment.

Term 2

The Christmas Party!

What a fantastic end to the year! Everyone has worked really hard and we let our hair down on Thursday afternoon. All enjoyed the buffet lunch, then we played some party games. We played pass the parcel, pin the nose on the reindeer, musical status. We thoroughly enjoyed dancing! To top off the whole afternoon, Santa came to visit our classroom! We were all very excited and we sang him our favourite song, ‘Shake your sillies’

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Merry Christmas everyone!

See you in the new year!

Baptism in Foundation

On Wednesday 23rd November, Foundation Stage walked down to St. Mary’s church and met Father Trevor.

We have been learning about church celebrations, such as weddings and christenings and this week Father Trevor kindly baptised one of our dolls! First we had to choose a name – Archie’s suggestion of Poppy was chosen out of the hat, then we had to choose the parents! We chose Lily Kay-Noakes and Alfie Edmonds to be the proud mum and dad (they played the role very well!) and the Godparents were Annalise, Liam and Caleb.

We dressed Poppy in a nice, white gown and blanket for the occasion. Father Trevor annointed Poppy with a cross on her head using blessed oil and water from the font. He then said a prayer for her and lit a candle for the parents to hold (with supervision!) The children’s behaviour was impeccable and we are so proud of the way they listened carefully and asked sensible questions.

Well done Foundation, we hope you enjoyed attending the christening. Perhaps for some of you this would have been your first time!

Divali in Foundation

On Monday 14th November, Foundation Stage were very lucky to have a lady called Shilpa come and visit to talk about Diwali.

The children have been learning all about celebrations this term as part of our topic work and it was good to find out about different customs and traditions. Shilpa told us about the history behind why Diwali is celebrated, taught us some Hindu words, showed us some traditional artefacts and taught us how to sing two Diwali songs.

The photos show the children trying to perform some of the tricky actions! Afterwards, Shilpa stayed behind to help the children make their own Diya lamps out of playdough decorated with beads and helped them to decorate Rangoli patterns and design their own Mehndi hand patterns.

Gymnastics November 2016

On Thursday 17th November Foundation Stage were invited to take part in a gymnastics trial run by Plymouth City Trampoline Gymnastics.  The children took part in challenges run by Danny, Tyler and Charlotte.  Any children showing potential have been given the opportunity to take part in further trials in Plymouth.  The children all had a great time and tried very hard.  Well done everyone!


Meet our New Pets!

Foundation Stage are pleased to welcome their new arrivals Glen and Nelly.  The children took part in a democratic vote to name their class pets.  The fish are black and silver fancies and have large, googly eyes!  The children love our new additions, and tare enjoying taking care of them.  Come and have a look in Bumblebees!

Friendship in Foundation November 2016

Bumblebees and Ladybirds have been learning to be good friends.  Here we are working and playing together.

Foundation at the Allotment

On Wednesday 28th September, we had our first visit to the allotment! Ladybirds went first, followed by Bumblebees in the afternoon.picture-123

The experience was a real delight for our senses with lots to touch, hear, smell, see and even taste! First we looked at the old sunflowers which we learnt are good food for the birds, who help to disperse the seeds. Then we walked along and met Blue the friendly chicken! She was so good she let us smooth her and even tried to follow us on the way out!

Then we walked along further and saw some enormous pumpkins growing! At the end of the strip we saw the orchard with damson fruit and apples growing. Jason picked off some apples and once we washed them, and our hands, we were allowed to try some! There was a lot of crunching as we devoured the fresh, crisp apples. The tasting didn’t stop there as Jason then picked a juicy watermelon and cut it up for us to try. We all agreed it was delicious, even those of us who didn’t think we would like it.

After the allotment, we had a quick visit to Efford Valley to see the cherry and apple trees growing and to see where Mr Blake takes children for Forest Schools. It was then time to return back to school, with many tired little legs! A big thanks to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you. It was a great experience and we look forward to going back again soon.

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