Laira Green Primary School

Tel: 01752 660427 Bramley Rd, Laira, Plymouth, PL3 6BP

Staff Structure

Teaching Staff

Mrs B Kennedy  Headteacher

Mrs Y Norgate Deputy Head Teacher & Year 2 Class Teacher Butterflies

Mrs S Gallagher FoundationTeacher Bumblebees
Miss C Taylor Foundation Teacher Ladybirds

Mr J Roe Year 1 Class Teacher Caterpillar
Mr K Jane Year 1 Class Teacher Fireflies

Miss H Bishop Year 2 Class Teacher Dragonfly
Mr J Blake Year 2 Class Teacher Butterflies

Miss A Bright Year 3 Class Teacher Maple

Mrs J Ford Year 3/4 Class Teacher Apple
Mrs A Hughes Year 3/4 Class Teacher Apple

Mrs V Larsen Year 3/4 Class Teacher Oak
Mrs S Hunter Year 3/4 Class Teacher Oak


Mr M Whitnall Year 5 Class Teacher  INCO, DDSL, SLTM
Mrs D Owen Year 5 Class Teacher Hazel

Mrs P Nightingale Year 5/6 Class Teacher Cherry

Mrs J Barker Year 5/6 Class Teacher Birch


Mrs H Buckingham SENDCo/Music Leader

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Watson Mrs T Dulling
Miss C Davies Mrs J Jessep
Mrs A Price Ms J Frost
Mrs S Stevenson Mr J McMillan
Mrs K Lonsdale Mrs E Dodds
Mrs B Walker Mrs H McGahan
Mrs J Sweeting
Ms Y Hanna Mr A George
Miss L Bickford Mrs O King

Office Staff

Mrs D Mitch Business Manager
Miss K Horswell Administration Assistant
Mrs S Cawse Administration Support
Mr N Rich Clerk to Governors

Premises Staff

Mr D Spencer Site Manager
Mrs S Holdsworth Cleaner
Mrs K Edwards Cleaner
Ms M Piechocka Cleaner

Mealtime Assistants

Mrs S Cawse Mrs V Masey
Mrs B Walker
Ms L Smith Mrs E Dodds
Mrs C Rogers Mrs I Barnes
Mrs L Dickerson Mrs E Lynch
Mrs D Sharples Mrs M Boxall
Miss C Foster




Term Dates

Link to Greenshoots

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