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Religious Education

RE Day June 2017

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The Holocaust Term 3

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We have learnt so much about Judaism this term.  For our final activity, we re-enacted the Passover meal, which Jewish people all over the world celebrate every year, remembering the times when their ancestors were slaves in Egypt and were then freed with Moses as their leader.

All the food that we tried had a symbolic significance: a boiled egg – new life and life as a continuing cycle; salt water – tears from the Hebrew slaves; charoset (pickle) – bricks and mortar used to build Pyramids; bitter herbs (horseradish) – bitterness of slavery; lamb Bone – the sacrificed lamb, blood used for marking the door post; parsley – spring and new life; matzoh (unleavened bread) – In their haste to leave Egypt and escape slavery, the Israelites had no time to let dough rise for bread; red wine (grape juice!) – joy and happiness in freedom from slavery.

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Following our visitor Judith’s explanation of how Jewish families celebrate Passover, we created a scene in class of a family at this special time.  

We read the words aloud from the script and tried some of the foods that are traditionally eaten when Jewish families gather together at Passover.  Some of the foods were new to lots of us; Matza (unleavened bread) and bitter herbs (we had horseradish sauce) and grape juice (instead of wine). We tried wearing the kippah and we had the candles on the table and we ate from the Seder Plate.  

The Cherry Tree children really enjoyed experiencing this celebration and now understand the symbolism for each food eaten.  

This is a Seder Plate          



On Wednesday 23rd November, Foundation Stage walked down to St. Mary’s church and met Father Trevor.

We have been learning about church celebrations, such as weddings and christenings and this week Father Trevor kindly baptised one of our dolls! First we had to choose a name – Archie’s suggestion of Poppy was chosen out of the hat, then we had to choose the parents! We chose Lily Kay-Noakes and Alfie Edmonds to be the proud mum and dad (they played the role very well!) and the Godparents were Annalise, Liam and Caleb.

We dressed Poppy in a nice, white gown and blanket for the occasion. Father Trevor annointed Poppy with a cross on her head using blessed oil and water from the font. He then said a prayer for her and lit a candle for the parents to hold (with supervision!) The children’s behaviour was impeccable and we are so proud of the way they listened carefully and asked sensible questions.

Well done Foundation, we hope you enjoyed attending the christening. Perhaps for some of you this would have been your first time!


On Monday 14th November, Foundation Stage were very lucky to have a lady called Shilpa come and visit to talk about Diwali.

The children have been learning all about celebrations this term as part of our topic work and it was good to find out about different customs and traditions. Shilpa told us about the history behind why Diwali is celebrated, taught us some Hindu words, showed us some traditional artefacts and taught us how to sing two Diwali songs.

The photos show the children trying to perform some of the tricky actions! Afterwards, Shilpa stayed behind to help the children make their own Diya lamps out of playdough decorated with beads and helped them to decorate Rangoli patterns and design their own Mehndi hand patterns.

Learning about Judaism

We have been learning about Judaism and about Moses.  As part of our learning, we made these box stories to help us remember the story of Moses.  The idea is to draw part of the story on each cube face.  You then roll the cube with a partner.  Whichever picture lands face up is the part of the story you have to explain to your partner.

Harvest Festival 2016

On Thursday 20th October, we celebrated Harvest at St Mary’s Church.  Vicky Higman, from the Foodbank, came to accept our donations and tell us a little bit about who might benefit from them.

Father Andrew talked about the preparation needed before Harvest and for our lives.  

Thank you to everyone who brought in tins and packets of food.  It will be used to help those in need in our city.

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RE in Cherry Class – September 2016

Our RE topic is called “Beliefs and Questions” this term.

During our first RE session this week, we talked about beliefs.  We thought about what “believe” and “belief” means and discussed the various beliefs that we have as individuals.  As part of the task we were concentrating on working together, sharing ideas and valuing the beliefs and opinions of others around us.

Children were encouraged to discuss meaningful beliefs e.g. what religion do you believe in? Do you believe in heaven? What are your thoughts on karma – what goes around comes around? What is your view on following your dreams?

The children really enjoyed discussing, listening, thinking about our beliefs and what influences our beliefs.

Here are some photographs of Cherry Tree Class all working together to put their ideas onto a graffiti wall.

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Easter Service March 2016

On Thursday 17th March, Father Trevor led our Easter Service at St Mary’s Church.  We celebrated the whole of Holy week, from the triumphant procession into Jerusalem, to Jesus’ death on the cross and then to the resurrection on Easter Sunday.

We were all given a pebble to lay at the cross as a symbol of a burden or action that we would like to say sorry for.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Jan 2016

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The six main religions and their symbols:



Religious Education and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Studies at Laira Green

At Laira Green we value RE and PSHE because together they promote the spiritual,

moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at our school as well as encouraging a reflective and discerning approach to life.

RE and PSHE are important areas of the school curriculum because they:

  • provoke challenging questions about life, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human.
  • offer opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development.
  • consider the influence of beliefs and attitudes on individuals, families, communities and cultures.
  • help to prepare our pupils to face the challenges of adult life.
  • help to combat prejudice, racism and discrimination.

Religious Education is taught throughout the school, developing the children’s knowledge of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Humanism using art, drama, music, storytelling and the many artefacts we have.  We actively invite speakers from different faiths to come in to school to lead assemblies, run sessions in the classroom and to teach the children more about their culture.  In addition, the children take part in RE Day once a year, when we look at a particular area of RE and study it in more depth and HMD day, when we remember the Holocaust.

Use these links to find out more about different religions.



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