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Healthy Eating Week

Laira Green Primary was a hive of activity as all of the children across the school took part in lots of practical activities (many of which involved eating something!) as part of their learning.

There were investigations into hidden sugar content in cereals and drinks; food diaries and enquiries as to what constitutes a balanced meal; bread and sushi-making workshops; research into the vitamin and mineral content of fruit and vegetables; learning about the importance of ‘eating a rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables; plus designing smoothies and healthy snacks.

Needless to say, it was a busy week! Click here to see what happened!

PHSE in Hazel Class

In PSHE, we have been thinking about friends and the qualities a friend might have.  First, we came up with some ideas and shared them on the outline of a body.  E.G.  A friend who likes the same things as you.  A friend is someone you can trust.

We then made a recipe for friendship soup – it was a fun way to think about what our friends are like.

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Roles and Responsibilities in Year 6


Congratulations to our Year Six who have finally to made it to the top of the tree! We are very proud of our year six – they are truly Laira Green pupils!  Our prefects will help run the school and our Head Librarians, Ben and Avjana, will be leading a team of librarians!

Head Boy: Tate

Head Girl: Skye

House Captains

Drake: Declan and Nayha

Raleigh: Jasmine and Mason

Scott: Rafie and Emma

Grenville: Sophia and Thomas

Term Dates

Link to Greenshoots

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