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Kalika Primary School in Nepal

A year after the earthquake which devastated the lives of so many in Nepal, we held a special assembly to remember our friends in Kalika Primary School.

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000. It occurred at 11:56 Nepal Standard Time on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw.

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At the end of October, our Nepalese friends in Kalika Primary school sent us photos of the ‘Happy Diwali cards’ that they made for us.

Thank you Kalika – they are fabulous. We would like to reciprocate with Christmas Cards for you.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

from all the staff and children at Laira Green!

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Nepalese Visit to Laira Green 2015

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Special Nepalese Assembly 1 May 2015

After the recent earthquake in Nepal, the pupils from Laira Green held a special assembly for our friends in Kalika Primary School.

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Connecting Classrooms International Project 2014-15 February 2015

The children from Laira Green are taking part in a ‘Culture Box’ project with Kalika Primary School in Nepal. This forms part of our second project with our link school. Before Christmas, the children researched a British item that represented us or our way of life. Teachers collected the children’s ideas and voted on an item to be put into a box to go to Nepal with Miss. Bailey and Mrs. Norgate this week.  In Monday’s assembly this week we gathered and shared the items that would be put in.

DSCF2817 Culture box items

Letter to Nepal February 2015

To our dear friends in Nepal,

At Laira Green primary school, we have lots of amazing opportunities such as going to France,

Nethercott Farm and school fairs. Our most favourite trip of them all is River Dart. We also get to celebrate Children in Need by wearing Pudsey mufti and Red Nose Day by wearing a Red Nose.  We also take part in sport relief and comic relief to raise some money for charity.  Our best fair is the school summer fair, we have fun and games, hot dogs, burgers and yummy pancakes with lemon and sugar drizzled on the top.(yum yum my favourite). Furthermore, we have lots of disco parties on special occasions e.g Easter, Halloween . At our christmas fair we have fake snow (it looks really good ) the choir sing beautiful Christmas songs and our favourite part is … the yummy christmas cakes(they are delicious!!) that we have to bring in !

We have our own school allotment  we grow lots of things e.g carrots, corn on the cobs, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and our most favourite thing that we grow in our allotment is runner beans !! Our school has many visitors like the amazing pantomime people with Oliver twist, Jack and the beanstalk and Aladdin . The story teller who is called Clive Pig  he taught us Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Lunch– At Laira Green Primary ,many opportunities are provided for us at Lunch and break, giving  us highly entertaining free time.There is always an infectious feeling of euphoria. Some of the activities we have at lunchtime include: the giant version of connect four ; a newly fitted football pitch equipped with the finest P.E teacher ever (Colin Bunney).We also have a basketball hoop ,which has provoked many pupils to join the School Netball ,(team run by truly amazing,fabulous teachers Miss Blake and Mrs Marvin). During Lunch-time, our  fabulous ,outstanding,5 star quality library is always open to all book lovers and even those who don’t have any motivation to read. Since we have got our new reading system, it has inspired many people to take on reading and has seen many non-readers blossom into book lovers .Food Glorious Food!!  Our amazing cooks supply us with wonderful nutritious meals that range from  sausages and mash with ice cream and jelly to french bread pizza with the most mouth-watering, traditional Victoria sponge (yummmm… delicious)!!! .We also have an area for packed lunches,this is when children bring in their own lunches .In the Winter ,we eat in the DELL Centre but in the Summer we eat outside.  Our school has have a system called P.L.O (packed lunches outside ). We thoroughly enjoy these times.Now the down side . As well as all these luxuries, we also get punished for our wrong -doings paying back with our own time.  Lunch time detention routine goes like this : First the person getting punished needs to reflect on their wrong -doings ; then they have to realise the impact of their actions on the people around them.  Finally,most importantly,they need to learn from this experience.

Learning Logs-there are lots of different topics and they are more fun to do than normal homework.The learning logs are a more interesting type of homework, that you can do with your family.They  help us to learn lots of new things in  fun, creative ways, we like to learn using our learning logs(people use them across the school). Our learning logs are really fun to do because we spend a lot of time doing them and a lot of effort goes into our work.At home it is easy to do our learning logs because our family helps us.We also have lessons such as: maths,pe,english,reading and music. In our maths ,english and reading, we have separate groups to separate our learning and what level we are aiming for.


At Laira Green we have many opportunities to participate  in a variety of sports. Some of us attend football with Colin after school and Netball with Miss Blake and Mrs Marvin.We also play tag-rugby with Mr Whitnall and hockey is run by  a man called Matt ( who is from marjons).In P.E  we either have  handball with Colin or we have a normal P.E session with our teacher. In the summer term we  have two sports day where we split into our house teams and compete in the races and gather points so at the end of the day the team with the most points  wins. Our teams are Drake (blue) ,Scott (red), Raleigh(yellow) and Grenville (green).

Lots of love Ash Class

We have just received a letter and some photographs from our partner school in Nepal.

…..”Dear Daisy and everyone at Laira Green Primary School.  We had our school Parents Day today. I have sent you some photos of the programme

and here are the photographs of the parents, teachers and children of Kalika Primary School in Nepal…

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International Schools Award

On Thursday 30th January, Miss. Bailey, Mrs. Ford and Naomi visited the Mayor at Elliott Terrace (former home of Nancy Astor) to receive the International Schools Award for the second consecutive time.

The award lasts for three years and celebrates the collaborative projects that we have undertaken with our link schools – Kalika Primary in Nepal and Algesiras Primary School in Brest, France. We are very proud of our achievement and are already planning our next projects – a Sustainable Living project with Kalika Primary School and our impending Year 6 visit to France in June of this year!

Well done everyone!


A Message from Nepal October 2013
We have received some photographs from out partner school in Nepal. They have also sent a message to us explaining the Nepalese Teej Festival.
Here is their message:


all sir and madam of laira green.hope you are having a great time there.i have sent some photoes of my school and some student.hope you will like it.

we are celebrating teej festival .It is the festival celebrated by women.In this day they  take fasting for the good life and health of her husband.they enjoy and dance a lot.i will send the photoes of Teej festival too.
have a nyc time. Much love
Manju poudel

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Teej Festival Sept 2013

Here are some photographs of our partner school in Nepal.  In these pictures the ladies are celebrating the Teej Festival. This is a festival held in Nepal with lots of singing and dancing.  Most importantly the women fast for the good life and health of their husbands!  I wonder if this would catch on in Plymouth.

Recently our colleagues in Nepal sent us some photographs of daily life in a Nepalese Primary School.  All the children look to be having a great day at school – just like Laira Green!!

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