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French School Exchange

For parents and children considering the French residential…

Take a look at this slideshow of just some of our best bits from last year’s trip. I’m sure you’ll see what a worthwhile and enjoyable trip it is!

France Trip 2014

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International Schools Award

On Thursday 30th January, Miss. Bailey, Mrs. Ford and Naomi visited the Mayor at Elliott Terrace (former home of Nancy Astor) to receive the International Schools Award for the second consecutive time.

The award lasts for three years and celebrates the collaborative projects that we have undertaken with our link schools – Kalika Primary in Nepal and Algesiras Primary School in Brest, France. We are very proud of our achievement and are already planning our next projects – a Sustainable Living project with Kalika Primary School and our impending Year 6 visit to France in June of this year!

Well done everyone!

April 2013

Bonjour! Our first week back has been a French themed week and we have enjoyed hosting French teachers from our link schools. They shared a special French assembly with us, visited our classes and saw our Read Write Inc session.

We have been learning about how to get to France, famous French landmarks- including making models using the construction kits and making puzzles from pictures. We have counted in French and have been singing some French songs.

We really enjoyed learning about French food- especially tasting the crepes and finding out about our favourite toppings!

We even had a ‘Tour De France’ with the bikes and scooters around the whole of the KS1 playgrounds! What a great first week back.

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April 2012

The children from Algesiras have sent us some poems.

Click on the links below to have a look at them.

Simon Stylo

Rondeau de Printemps

Chanson pour les enfants


Our French School Assembly –

On the morning of 8th March 2012, the whole school assembled in the lower hall to greet our french visitors from Brest. While waiting for them to arrive, the children watched the french video featured on the school website.

Our guests,  Luc Roudaut – Primary School Teacher and Dominique Autret – Headteacher, were accompanied by Mr. Pascal Omnes. They were introduced to the children by Mrs. Hall.

Luc Roudaut presented Mrs. hall with a map/puzzle of France that the children from Algesiras Primary School had made for the children of Laira Green.

The school choir sang  and Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 children performed a selection of  French songs. Then both reception classes showed our guests examples of their work done during our international week. This included passports, a whole class french book, Mardi Gras masks and french menus.

Miss. Bailey then presented Dominique with a new teddy bear and outfit  for the Algesiras Primary School children to share as Laira Green children do with our own ‘Larry Bear’.

Our guests went on to visit our classes and ICT suite before joinning the children for lunch in the dining hall.

On Friday 9th March 2012, Monsier Roudaut joinned us for our regular Friday assembly and was persuaded to join our ukelele players for an inpromptu performance of Frere Jaques. The whole school then joined in for a repeat performance!  This was followed by a french game based on naming animals.  Then Luc looked on as Year 3 performed a sorting activity using French words and pictures – very impressive!

Please look at our Gallery!

A message from our friends in France!

Bonjour les enfants d’Algésiras école primaire!

Voici notre vidéo de Laira Green. Nous allons vous emmener dans un tour de l’école et de vous montrer certains de nos classes, nos professeurs et même une leçon de PE.

Nous espérons que vous apprécierez notre film!

Here’s the translation:

Hello children of Algesiras Primary School!

Here is our video of Laira Green. We will take you on a tour of the school and show you some of our classes, our teachers and even a PE lesson.

We hope you enjoy our movie!



Bonjour !

Juste un petit mot pour dire un grand merci à Karen pour toutes ses explications car  je peux enfin accéder à cette page  😉

Merci à tous les élèves de nous avoir envoyé de jolies lettres.

Mes élèves,de la classe de CM2, les ont lues aujourd’hui, nous préparons des réponses.

A très bientôt


Just a quick note to say a big thank you to Karen for all her explanations because I can finally access this pageThank you to all students for sending us nice letters.My students, the class of CM2, have read today, we prepare answers.See you soonPatricia

Mme Priour, Mrs Hall and Miss Bailey



My name is Patricia Priour.   Je m’appelle Patricia Priour.

I’m teacher in a  primary school in Brest, named Algesiras.

Je suis enseignante a l’ecole primaire Algesiras, a Brest en France.


Today, I have visited Laira Green School, in Plymouth.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai visite l’ecole Laira Green, a Plymouth.


This morning, we watched the video of my pupils in assembly.

Le film que mes eleves ont fait a ete projete ce matin, lors de l’assemblee.


Hello to my French friends.  We are having a lovely time with your teacher.  Our children have also enjoyed watching your film. Daisy xxx

Bonjour a mes amis francais. Nous passons un tres agreable moment avec votre professeure. Nos eleves ont aussi apprecie regarder votre film. Daisy bisoux.

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