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Welcome to Laira Green’s English Page.

Here you will find a range of information and resources that will help you to understand our approach to literacy and support your children with their learning.


Clive Pig, an Anglo-Saxon at Laira Green September 2016

Clive Pig came into school this week to inspire us in our topic work and in our writing.  He told us all about the Anglo-Saxons and retold the story of Beowulf and Grendel.  He is an amazing storyteller and all the children were completely captivated.

We then had a workshop thinking about how the Anglo-Saxons might have felt on their journey to England and what it might have been like when they arrived.

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Foundation Stage Reading Books

We are delighted to have received delivery of a new selection of reading books for the children in Foundation Stage to take home to enjoy reading.  They are lovely books and still have that delightful fresh smell!  We hope you all enjoy sharing these together at home.

booksReading Books

Please remember that we are always grateful for any donations of pre-loved books.  So, if you have finished enjoying a book at home, why not send it in to school to add to our bookshelves and for other children to enjoy too?

Tools of the Month

Each month, we will share a tool (or more than one) from our Grammar Toolkit with you.  This toolkit is used across the school to help the children to get to grips with grammar and punctuation.  Remember that some tools are introduced very early in school, and others not until they reach year six.  

Our tool this month is the tape measure and we have a little rhyme to help you this month.

  A noun is the name of a person, place or thing – like Peter in Plymouth or a ball of string.

It can also be used to name abstract things like happiness, love, success and faith.

If you wish to know more, feel free to ask your class teacher.  

For an excellent glossary of all the grammar terms, search the internet for ‘Glossary for the programmes of study for English (non-statutory)’.  This is the document that the government have provided for teachers to use.  If you would like a copy printed to take home, please just ask.

Home Reading with Renaissance Reader

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Please click on the link to view the New English Curriculum. A copy to download is also available:                                                                                                                                            Download


English Curric


A useful glossary of terms for the English curriculum including grammar and punctuation.



We have been bombarded by wonderful requests for new reading books for our home reading system.  It is with great pleasure that she went shopping and returned with many new and exciting books for our bookshelves.  Since sharing the blurbs with the children in an assembly, she has been rushed into putting them onto the shelves for everyone to enjoy.


The popular requests were for Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, some scary books, some crime books and for more from the Mystery Mob, Humphrey the Hamster, Winnie the Witch and Boffin Boy… well, here they are and more too!  One even has a CD inside for you to explore at home – yay!

Thank you for all your inspiration and we hope you really enjoy the new books!

A slideshow – Grammar in Year 1/2

Verbs and Adjectives

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Grammar and Punctuation Test for Literacy

Please click on the link below to see a fabulous wealth of resources about the new Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Tests for Literacy (SPAG) from Northwood School.

Read Write Inc.

We have now fully embedded Read Write Inc. into our curriculum and the children continue to love it!
Read Write Inc. is a systematic approach to the teaching of reading, using a range of lovely resources that develop your child’s reading in an enjoyable and interactive way.
In the links section below you fill find a presentation that shows how we say each sound. It is very important that the sounds are being pronounced correctly in order for your child to progress quickly in their reading.

Download the phonics sounds presentation.  This demonstrates the correct way to say each sound.

The Bug Club

On top of our new Accelerated Reading system, our wonderful online reading scheme, The Bug Club, continues to be firmly embedded as part of school and home life.  Every child in school has their own username and password and is able to access this resource on nearly any computer.  If you are not sure of your username, please ask your class teacher.

Click to enter the Bug Club! bug

Remember the school code is lqgp

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Reading at Home

Remember – reading at home is all about encouraging your child to love stories and books! Reading should be an enjoyable activity shared between family and friends.
Reading is not just about reading words on a page. It is about learning to love stories and books. It is about sharing, doing and enjoying.

Oxford Owl

A wealth of ideas for encouraging your child to enjoy reading.


Oxford Owl FREE E-BOOKS!



Beautiful online books for your children to enjoy by themselves or to share with you.



A range of literacy games to keep you entertained.


Wordsearch and Quizzes to help with spelling:


FUNBRAIN, check out more online reading


ICT games in literacy


Past Events

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