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Ladybirds Foundation

Welcome to Foundation! 

Firstly, welcome to Ladybirds class page and to Laira Green Primary School. 

Our main ethos is to plan our curriculum with the interests of the children in mind, we refer to this as 'objective led-planning'. This simply means that we outline the objectives over the year and teach them to the interests of the children. We believe that we can achieve a high level of engagement, learning outcomes and  growth mind-set towards learning through adapting our styles of teaching to suit your child’s interests and passions. 

The activities are planned and designed carefully to enhance learning opportunities to support learning and aim to get the very best from each child. At times adult directed learning takes place in order to allow children to develop the broad range of skills they need. Learning takes place indoors and outdoors across each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This year we have chosen to use Tapestry, an online learning journey, to record, observe and assess the children's learning and progress. 

The Foundation team: 

Teacher: Mrs C Taylor 

Learning support staff: Miss L Bickford and Miss S Easter. 

Any questions or concerns please speak to a  member of the Foundation team, we will be happy to help, the best time to catch us is at the end of the school day. 

Foundation stage curriculum overview

This morning foundation went out to play in the garden as we usually do. However, this morning something seemed to be very different. Some of our children quickly spotted some unusual footprints, which we decided to follow. At the end of the footprints we found an egg! We have decided to take care of the egg and watch to see what happens, we are hoping that a dinosaur hatches out of the egg!! 

Happy new year to all and welcome back to a new term in Ladybirds class. These last few days the children have been expressing and sharing their love for reading. Each child come into school with a special book, shared the title, why they enjoyed it and gave us a little synopsis of what happened in the story. Thank you so much to everyone who shared a book with us!



Christmas at Laira Green! We all really enjoyed eating our Christmas dinners and meeting Santa. 


Ladybird's first few days in foundation!