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Laira Green Primary

Hazel Year 5

Hazel class would like to welcome you to our school page.

The class teachers are Mrs Owen, who is also the history leader and Mr Whitnall, who is one of the school's Safeguarding officers but also oversees the PE curriculum.

We are supported in class by our two teaching assistants, Mrs Price and Mrs Dodds.


New Chrome Book mobile stations

Hazel class were one of the first to use the new class sized mobile Chrome book stations. School have purchased two stations, one for the upper corridor classes and one for the lower corridor.

The benefits can be seen straight away as each pupil has a workstation of their own and can quickly access online learning resources thanks to the new wifi hardware also installed.

Hazel are seen here using Lighbot to perform graduated programming tasks – a lot of resilience is needed here – get out your tough tortoise children. A huge amount of thanks must go to Mr George for his tireless efforts to install and to get the machines up and running. Now the staff have just got to remember to book them out for their class!


Science week

During Science week we filled a glass with lemonade and dropped a couple of raisins into the liquid.

We observed that they sank to the bottom and then floated back to the surface; then sank to the bottom and floated to the surface, again and again and again. It was like magic.

We had to think of a Scientific reason why this would happen..............

What do you think caused this?

Hazel class looking at the ups and downs of a raisin’s life.


Mayans Assembly

The class Mayan Assembly

For most of the Easter terms the class has been learning about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation; how the lived, prospered but more importantly why they suddenly vanished leaving behind a still unsolved mystery.

Hazel class led a class assembly for the rest of the school explaining what they had studied. We had a brilliant song to sing taught to us by Mrs Buckingham and rehearsed many times at the end of each day as we were going home! Still, it paid off and we were a hit. We also had a small slide show for the school to see about how we made wraps; a staple diet of the Mayans.


 Change for life

As part of our PE in school Mrs McGahan took a small group of us up to the college of St Mark and St John for a day of skills training.

It was great fun as our pictures show.

Thanks to Mr Spencer for driving the mini bus and Mrs McGahan who was with us all day.


This term the year 5 children in Hazel and the year 5/6 classes have taken part in the Bikeability training. Despite the cold weather, the rain held off and a very productive week of training took place. Some of the more able riders went off site and put into action some of the road awareness skills that they had been taught.

The group of instructors were full of praise of the group's Resilience and never give up attitudes - and superb behaviour. Well done to all.

Forest School

Over the past few weeks we have visited the Forest School with Mr Blake as the leader. Forest School is a chance to explore the outdoors and gain a respect for the natural world. Many new skills were acquired and the series of lessons ended with the class making cut wood Christmas trees with secure lashings. Of course the visit couldn't end without toasting marshmallows and cups of steaming hot chocolate. We can't wait until it is our turn to visit again.