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Building Learning Power

Grow your brain - what is Growth Mindset? Click here to find out


Building Learning Power - read about Our Learning Powers here


Learning Powers and Growth Mindset - click here for our powerpoint showing how it works at Laira Green


 Spring Term Challenge Afternoon

On Friday 26th January the whole school took part in a challenge afternoon!  This was a great way to work collaboratively and to use may of our learning powers.  An exciting range of activities were planned to challenge the children:

  •  Ladybirds - Sound Sandwich
  •  Caterpillars/Fireflies - Marshmallow Towers.  Can a small team make a tower that is over a meter high with a bag of marshmallows and pasta.
  •  Butterflies/Dragonflies - Team building challenge - move the cup without touching it, untangle the knot - linked to individual liberty.
  •  Maple - Humpty Dumpty is about to fall off the wall. What can each team build to save him from breaking? 
  •  Apple - Bridge making.  A construction challenge using newspaper.  Can your bridge hold eight cars?
  •  Oak - Visit to Plymouth Guildhall - meet the author.
  •  Hazel - Who can construct the tallest Mayan Pyramid using spaghetti and marshmallow bites. Mayan pyramids were stepped and not like a square based pyramid.
  •  Cherry/Birch - Save the Egg - can you build a safe carrier for your precious egg to stop it from smashing when it is dropped from the second floor window? 


Look at the photos of our afternoon activities and see our Learning Powers in action!

Respect.....Resourceful (Busy Bee)....Relationships (Team Ant)...Resilient (Tough Tortoise)....Reflective (Wise Owl)

Here are some quotes from the children:

Ellowen (Year 1)- My team tried to make a big structure but it fell down. (Tough Tortoise)

Harry (Year 1)- We talked to each other and we didn’t argue. (Team Ant)

Stanley (Year 2)- We had to put lots of effort in (Tough tortoise)

Mason (Year 2) - It was good working with other people we don’t usually work with. (Team Ant)

Dilan (Year 3) - Each person had a job to do. (Team Ant)

Darci (Year 3) - It was fun to work in a team. (Team Ant)

Riad (Year 4)- Our bridge wasn’t strong enough to hold eight cars..  It’s important to learn from your mistakes. (Wise Owl)

Sophie (Year 5)- our team was talking to each other working hard. (Team Ant/Toigh Tortoise)

Amy (Year 6)- The egg didn’t crack but we couldn’t decide at first what design to do. We worked through our problems to achieve our results. (Tough Tortoise/Team Ant/Wise Owl)