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Dragonflies at Forest School

Dragonflies Forest School Week 1


A not too wet but still rather Autumnal Wednesday greeted Dragonflies class for their first session. A very well behaved and well organised group of children they proved themselves to be at the beginning, getting ready without a fuss and in good time. The equipment was gathered and we set off, hoping to avoid the rain which was expected later on.

Whilst sitting for the first few minutes the Autumn season was easy to observe as leaves fell freely after even the gentlest of breezes. This prompted a quite exciting game of ‘Catch the falling leaves’! The children, though tentative at first, delighted in running around in their space trying to predict where the next leaf would fall from and how fast it would fall. Some children were extremely good at it and loved showing the adults just how many they had caught. Extra credit was due for those who could identify the tree from which it had fallen, although our species identification needs a little work in Year2!

Den building was ever popular as usual and there was a discussion about sensible siting and what the children would have to look out for and where they should most definitely not erect their tarps. Managing their own risk and making an assessment of a location or situation, even if fairly basic, is a skill they can take to many areas of life, not least in the classroom. The promotion of a have a go attitude and the ‘tough tortoise’ mentality also helps them develop positive lifelong learning behaviours.

The session was rounded off with use of the new firesteels which have been purchased and should hopefully alleviate some of the woes of previous groups. Tough tortoise and team ant were very much in evidence here as the children encouraged each other to use the tool and be as successful as possible. The great, positive attitude shown by this class will definitely stand them in good stead for the next couple of weeks in the woods.


Until then,


Mr Blake



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