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Cherry at Coldharbour Mill Museum

Cherry Class and half of Hazel Class went to Coldharbour Mill Museum last Wednesday on a school trip, as part of our Victorians topic.  

The children came dressed in some fantastic costumes and really got into role as poor Victorian urchins.  They had to pretend to be children who had come to the mill to find work, to provide a few shillings for their families.  There was a very fearsome man who owned the mill called Mr Robson (and a downtrodden wool dye lady called Annie Armstrong) and the children had to obey his every command in order to obtain some work.

Or children totally embraced the drama and it was very scary to be a real Victorian child – life was hard in those days!!! The children then had a tour around the working mill and had lots of hands on activities to try including teasing wool, winding bobbins and picking up bits of fleece off the factory floor.  The machines were extremely loud.


The children really learnt a lot from the experience and were exhausted when they got back to school.  Here are some photos of our amazing, historical day out.

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