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Butterflies at Forest School

 Week 2

So the second week for Butterflies had come and the weather spared us yet again. It’s just lucky the session wasn’t in the afternoon, phew!

A much quicker start to the morning meant that we could retrieve all of our gear and make our way up the hill much more promptly than last week. Upon our arrival, the children sat and listened intently during a discussion about the green space that we use; talk of our responsibility as citizens of the same community (for the most part) that can take it upon themselves to keep tidy and act with a conscientious mind. Our motto of ‘Leave no trace’ should not be forgotten as soon as we depart.

The main focus for the session was on fire lighting and safety. We spoke about the variety of fire steels that we would use and the techniques needed to get a good hot spark, it’s about the pressure and angle of the strike. Many of the children had a successful morning and persevered until they had done it. Some were keen to share their skills with their friends and showed good learning behaviours in the way they then passed this knowledge on. A few children even chose to continue to practice after the offer of den building was put before them, dedication indeed!

The quality of the dens definitely improved this week as children chose more accessible sites and managed to raise and tie the ropes with a bit of support. In fact some of them chose to use their dens as the site to eat and drink their snacks! This week, as we had the fire going, we had hot chocolate along with our biscuits and also, bananas. What a feast!

Butterflies last week next week and that will hopefully mean the return of s’mores! Fingers crossed for more of the same weather.


Until then,


Mr Blake


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