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City Youth Council

On Tuesday 19th September, Mrs Gallacher took four Year 6 school council reps to our very first City Youth Council meeting at the Council House in the city centre. These reps were: Ruby Richards, Eboni George, Levi George and Isaac Bingley-Mewes.

As this was the first meeting of the year, it was to be decided which schools would be Chair and Vice Chair people for the subsequent meetings. In order to decide this, each school was required to deliver a presentation, followed by formal voting.

The children were excited but nervous as they weren’t quite sure what to expect from the austere looking Council Chamber. However, any nerves were soon put to one side as we were welcomed with orange juice and fresh fruit skewers. Delicious!

Whilst we were waiting in the foyer for the other schools to arrive, one of the organisers allowed us a sneaky peak in the Chamber, whereby Levi unintentionally volunteered to be Vice Chair for the day! This entailed sitting on the front bench in a huge, leather chair facing the rest of the council and even having to hit the gavel (wooden hammer) whilst declaring ‘order, order!’

We got to meet the absolutely inspirational Jonathan Halton from iMarvel marketing company who gave the children some tips on public speaking. This was really invaluable as the children were then given time to write their two minute presentation, which they’d have to deliver in front of 14 primary and secondary schools!

We agreed that Eboni and Ruby would deliver the speech and we all waited with nervous butterflies in our tummies until our turn.

The girls demonstrated such confidence in their delivery of the speech that they had obviously taken onboard Jonathan’s tips.


The pressure was far from off though as our school council reps then faced a gruelling from the rest of the council and had to answer 3 questions on the spot. This is where team work really came into play and, after conversing about each question for a short amount of time, our reps came back with thoughtful, relevant and convincing answers.

Sadly, after the votes were counted, we didn’t get chosen to Chair any meetings this year but we will take the experience back with us and are still looking forward to having our say at the next meeting in January.
The school council will shortly be asking for input from the electorate (children at our school) regarding aspects that they would like us to work on as a school and as a part of the bigger Youth Council.



Please check back soon to see the impact that our school council has on making our school an even happier place to be.



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