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Museum Trip Year 4/5

Year 4&5 Cherry, Oak, and Hazel classes went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.
Here are some of the children’s views:

On Wednesday 21st June, Cherry, Hazel and Oak went on a trip to Exeter museum. We went into an Egyptian tomb and I wrote my name in hieroglyphics.
Jack H


Last Wednesday was my third day at school we went to Exeter Museum. It was a very fun trip we got to look at the sculptures of what the Romans and the Egyptians built. We all get to touch egg sacks and seashells it was amazing! We all had lunch and went back inside and we saw a sculpture called Albert.
Paige G



When we entered the Museum, we looked at a map to see where we were going. We went to a place where their was rock, bones and fossils. We wrote down some information about the fossils, while we were in there. Next we went to a bird room which had 140 birds and one was hiding. I had a brilliant time.

Esha C



As you can see at Exeter Museum we saw a big elephant and a huge giraffe. It looked so real from head to toe and a tiger who was shot in Nepal.
Faith H


During our trip to the museum there was an extinct animal that was a mountain lion but it had black dots like a leopard! A person called Belzoni discovered the tomb of the majestic looking mountain lion!
Cody C


We got to touch the elephant and the huge giraffe. We also saw a long ago made piano which was playing. It’s very old dusty. Above the elephant there is a whale.
Roxana S



When we went to Exeter Museum we saw some Seahorses. I
dressed up as a seahorse. We saw a big elephant and a giraffe.
Grace L

We had a bus journey that was about a hour long. The museum was huge.
The first room we went in was full of fossils and so was the second room. One of the rooms even had a roman wall in it. After lots more excitement, we walked down to a nearby park. The park was full of grass so it was perfect for eating our lunch. We went back to the museum to look at the Egyptian room. The room was full of hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were pictures used to write with. The rest of the room had lots of tombs in it .
Kira H


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