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Caterpillars at Forest School

Following on from the torrential rain on Oak class’ last session, the kit was absolutely soaked! A few dry days at the beginning of this week meant that it could be hung out and dried before Caterpillar class began their little taster two weeks. Wet kit does not make for a fun session! Luckily the ropes and tarps dried out in time and we could enjoy a session on a lovely morning without getting soaked muddy hands from the off!

With the sun beating down, Mr Roe suggested the children meet in the Foundation garden which was an inspired recommendation! The children were a lot nearer the resource lock up, the wellies and the tap for gathering water. There is a larger, longer bench and the only drawback is that there is no shelter. Hopefully however this shouldn’t be a problem for the Summer term.

The younger children are not quite ready yet to be used as pack horses to transport all of the resources up to the Valley so, with the adults carrying fully laden rucksacks, the children took their water bottles and a rope each ready for their  morning in the woods.

After a good tidy up (after all, we leave no trace and always leave it looking better than when we arrived), the children split themselves into sensible groups and set about raising tarpaulins to make dens and shelters. With a little adult support most groups managed to raise theirs rather successfully. Some perseverance and resilience was required, double checking where to tie the ropes, helping each out and encouraging each other’s efforts.

The children were also given the opportunity to use the fire steels (which are unfortunately dwindling in number) to light cotton wool in preparation for a fire lighting attempt next week. The effort on show was incredible and, though many of the children found it tough as it required a bit more force than they were used to, there were blazing little mounds safely being courted around our area of the valley. Delightful squeals of triumph rang out as, one after one, the children lit their wool.


With the little fires being controlled and safely disposed of, the children had some free time to explore the valley and use the trim trail equipment. Mr Roe even facilitated a rope climb up one of the slopes, much to the children’s glee! The main fire was lit and water boiled for some hot chocolate. Many offers of help were given and some of the girls proved able helpers, stacking and scooping into the cups and then help was also offered with the milk. These children clearly enjoy a bit of responsibility!


As the end of the session came, with the children finishing their refreshments in their dens, ropes were taken down and tarps folded. Leave no trace was at the forefront of our mind as we wanted to look after and preserve the natural beauty of the Valley that we use. Hopefully we’ll have just as nice weather to enjoy the green space for Caterpillars’ final week!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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