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Oak Final week at Forest School

What can I say but wet, wet, wet. We certainly did feel it in our fingers and our toes this week as the heavens opened and we got drenched! Luckily there were some very sensible choices of clothing which saved several children. Some children were not so well prepared however and, due to inappropriate coats (absorbent rather than waterproof), they got a soaking. One heroic Year 4 boy even offered his coat up to a Year 5 girl, what a gent!

Shelter was the main aim of the week, providing somewhere warm and dry for an entire group of children proved no easy feat. They had to share resources appropriately (a bit of a chore for this class) and act swiftly to give themselves the best chance at a dry area. Most worked well and got their tarps up quickly though some groups lacked the resilience required in the wet weather and needed to be heavily supported. Knots were tied with slippery hands and muddy ropes pulled, dropped and pulled again. Eventually though, there was enough dry space for everyone.

Fires were attempted and the more successfully sheltered groups unsurprisingly managed a lot better. Their fire steel work was excellent and though they did struggle for dry wood, the kindling we had kept them going for a little while. Some spent ages lighting cotton wool, often working, other times not, and many became frustrated with the difficulty of lighting on a soaked floor which the cotton wool would readily absorb. However, with a dab of trusty vaseline (and a word of warning), most children got some heat back into their fingers.

A quick last session was soon over and the soggy children traipsed back to school more than a little disheveled. Oak class had their sessions cut short but there may be a chance for another opportunity before the end of term. Possibly. Before then though the Year 1 children come next week as the turn of Caterpillars is upon us!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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