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At the Allotment with Birch Class

As part of Healthy Eating week, we spent the morning outdoor learning at the allotment.


There is so much to do at this time of the year.  The children learnt the importance of picking up grass cuttings to help lawns to stay healthy.  They could feel the heat in the centre of the piles and learnt how bacteria breaks down plant matter, producing carbon dioxide and heat.

They also repotted tomato plants that were becoming pot-bound and realised that the plants needed more nutrients from fresh compost and room to grow in order to produce healthy fruit.


Courgettes were picked and the children washed them before helping to cook them up for a healthy snack.  We then taste-tested some strawberries which had just ripened.

Finally we said ‘hello’ to some of the wildlife – a nest of slow worms.  We made sure to put them safely back in their homes once we had held them.

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