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Similes and Metaphors – Year 5/4

LO I can describe a setting using similes, metaphors and power of three.  By Michael Nhlane

As I entered the lifeless, dark, mysterious pit of hell, I knew there was no turning back.  I saw sharp, dangerous spikes as sharp as sharks teeth. Red, broken, decayed tiles as small as an insect. Empty, old buildings as big as a ruin. Old, dusty pillars slowly crumbling away like a ruin. Dark, scary caves fit for a wolf. Big torches like a house.   

Out of the shadows, came a half human half spider, waiting to suck someone’s blood.    

There were spike-filled pits, filled up with blood. Half human monstrosities were getting ready to eat a trespasser’s soul. In the distance, I could see a monster eating a human alive.   

A monster was guarding a door which leads to who knows? Crazy, ugly goblins eating mud and rocks. Out from the shadows, comes a goblin king who eats people’s soul for dinner.

LO I can describe a setting using similes, metaphors and power of three.     By Cody Charlick

Under the glittering surface, the peaceful, calm fish lay on the ocean bed, oblivious to what was behind them (predators).The icy water gave an unpleasant shiver down my spine.The seaweed swayed motionlessly to the current like a leaf falling off a tree. An old ruined city like Atlantis the powerful, hopeful kingdom. Peaceful and undisturbed,lay a wall crumbling like pastry.

Deep and hidden, a ravine rested in the subterranean ocean ready to take its victims. Colourful yet innocent turtles get stranded in the dark, dank and drooped ravine. The slow current drifted over the bed of many. The chalky cobblestone path was peeling in the twilight. Above the sea, waves crashed onto the land like demons pushing and shoving their way through the underworld – the world of terror.

Deep down the clam has captured the pearl like a lion mouldering its prey.

Who knew a underwater,deep sea world could bring so much?


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