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Oak Class at Forest School

Due to PPA restrictions, Oak class had short afternoon session this Wednesday but the cracking weather made up for it! So hot! It did make it a little more slow going getting up the hill but we were there in good time and a quick explanation was laid out before the session began.

Though a fair amount of freedom was allowed for child initiated learning this week, safety points were laid down as well as recommendations for den building, fire lighting and rope swing rules. The latter went up after a little discussion about siting it, ‘pushing rules’ and safety but it was then a permanent fixture of fun for the rest of the afternoon!

Fires were made and once again, resources became scarce as the afternoon wore on, cotton wool can’t magically appear out of nowhere! Rationing will come into effect for the last week. When needs must!

Dens were popular again too as were the tools which made an outing. Knife safety was discussed and small groups were monitored as they shaped sticks for role play, made tools or just practised. The chisels also made an appearance for removing knots on the more stubborn boughs, a first for this class. Loppers were used to help shorten lengths of wood and secateurs applied to the bushes and brambles which hindered den creation.

No hot chocolate this week due to the weather, water and squash provided instead, as were biscuits and a good sit down! A much needed rest for these hot, hard working woodland children!

No session next week due to their trip to Exeter Museum but the week after that will be their final one. I look forward to (hopefully) more of the same weather.


Until then,


Mr Blake


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