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Healthy Eating Week in Birch Class

We have had a very busy week in Birch class.  We’ve been to the allotment to harvest some courgettes (full of vitamin C and potassium) and strawberries (a great antioxidant) which we then ate – we know how to stay healthy!

We have played healthy eating board games which tested our knowledge of food groups and recommended daily intakes.

As part of our Science (Earth and Space), we used fruit and vegetables to demonstrate the relative sizes of the planets in our solar system.  Did you know … If Earth was the size of a cherry tomato, Mercury would be the size of a peppercorn and Jupiter the size of a watermelon!  Having compared all of the planets’ sizes, which was tiring work, we sat and ate Jupiter – it was too good to resist! (And full of vitamins A, B6 and C).

On Thursday, we were joined by a team from Yo Sushi who taught the children how to make tasty, healthy sushi – a real treat and everyone agreed it was delicious.

T on Friday, we researched the vitamin and mineral contents of a rainbow of fruit and vegetables and then selected a range that we thought would make a tasty, nutritional smoothie.  After some blind tastings and survey results, the children tweaked their recipes and will be making revised versions on Monday.  They have also costed them and upscaled them using their knowledge of ratio.


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