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Oak Class at Forest School

In what will be a topsy turvy few weeks for Oak class at Forest School, the first week was a flurry of activity. We started with a tool talk, recapping on previously learnt terminology such as blood bubble and revising the different parts of each tool. Also included in the talk were the different types of fire steels and the children showed their enthusiasm to get going with them.

The usual cotton wool lighting and fire steel refamiliarisation followed and it’s clear that Oak class will have to get used to sharing resources, that cotton wool disappeared as if it was part of a magic trick! The children also had to make sure they were clearing an appropriate space for the fire as, once again, the mantra was drummed in…Leave No Trace!


Oak class are clearly den fanatics and they were some very good examples erected fairly quickly. Some dens had fires (with high enough roofs to boot), some had seats or ‘sofas’, one had a carpet and another even had a brush! A very interesting and rather apt addition was that of a ‘polling booth’ by one group who were clearly feeling particularly inspired by current events.

We decided to have marshmallows in this first session as it was more practical to get the fire lit and for it die down enough in the time. Ready made sticks were brought with us which had been cut in previous weeks and this made the end of the session run a lot smoother, though counting cups for the hot chocolate proved a lot more tricky for some! With biscuits joining the snack-fest as well, this first week was a pleasant change and in what will have been Oak’s longest session of the year, a welcome one!

Until next time.


Mr Blake



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