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TT Rockstars

TT Rockstars is a times tables website for children that is VERY POPULAR with Laira Green children.

You play against the clock, with friends from Laira Green and from other schools on the screen.  You have to read the questions e.g. 7×8= or 567= and you have to type in the answer as quickly as possible and press enter.  You do this as fast as you can for 60 seconds.  Then you are given your score and your position against the other children who were playing that game.  You get to earn virtual cash and other rewards when you play lots of times and improve your score.

On Friday 16th June, Laira Green Key Stage 2 children needed to find their overall

*******TT Rockstars supreme champions*******

so they could be sent to another school for a Plymouth TT Rockstars Championships very soon in the future.

There were 14 finalists:

Damian Gajda

Diego Lerro

Lexie Ackland

Ava Gallagher

Xander Charlick

Jude Lidstone

Kamila Tijani

Riley Baker

Isaac Agbobli

Pagan Miller-Wheeler

Sophia Sharpe

Olivia Webb-Smith

Rafi Kazi

Charlie Zachlod

We played several knock out games, with the rest of Year 5 and Year 4 cheering them on from the sidelines after every game (they had to be silent during the matches, to help with the concentration of the competitors – so the children made signs on their whiteboards, to wave).  

We were left with the final 5 – Ava, Isaac, Damian, Rafi and Pagan.  We played a very tense three rounds to find our final winners. Our overall winner with a fantastic scores of 46, 48 and 52 correct answers in one minute was Pagan!There was a very tense situation for second place as Rafi came second, then Damian came second, then they drew for second in the final game!!

So an even tenser playoff had to be set – and finally….. Rafi was the winner to take the second spot. Many congratulations, however, go out to all of our finalists – your speed and accuracy with times tables is magical to watch. The two supreme champions, Pagan and Rafi, will be going to another school very soon to compete in the Plymouth TT Rockstars finals.





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