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Creative Writing in Year 6

Using the above picture for inspiration, the children were asked to write a creative, short story.  Here is one lovely example of the children’s writing:


Another Day in Paradise by Archy Davis


The birds were singing; the squirrels were playing and the deer were grazing.  Spring had just begun.  Hi, I’m Dan the peregrine falcon and this is my story.

All I remember is that I was on my way back, in the middle of nowhere, staring at the pale-white clouds and the glorious powdery-blue sky.  The fish seemed to dance under the stagnant blue water.  The wind whistled through the canopy.

I swooped over tree after tree, hoping to discover where I belong.  I tried to fly over the mountains but the wind kicked me away.  I plummeted to the ground and landed in thick, white snow.

It was so cold, as cold as ice!  Twenty, well thirty tonnes of ice covered me.  I heard the ice piling up on top of me.  Every part of my body was colder than a winter’s morning.  Why was I so unlucky?  The taste of water was encrusted to my tongue.  

I managed to get out and back down the mountain I flew … fast, and fast and faster!  Then … SPLASH!  I had landed in the emerald-green lake.  I hopped back into the tree I woke up on and made it home, not just home, home sweet home forever.



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