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Bumblebees at the Allotment

In May, Bumblebees made another visit to the allotment.

It’s been a couple of months since our last visit so it was great to see how different everything looks this season.

We kickstarted our visit by getting our hands dirty as we helped to replant some nasturtiums. Each child had their own plant pot which they filled almost to the top with compost, they then poked a hole for the plant and, once the plant was gently put in, they scattered more soil on top around it. This was done to move the plants to a more protected space so they didn’t get munched by minibeasts!

We then worked as team ants to carry some huge butternut squash plants from one end to the other. Some children carried and some children planted so that everyone had a turn at doing something.

The funniest part of our visit was watching Blue the chicken. She’s so friendly, a little too friendly in fact as she just wouldn’t leave us alone! We were curious as to why Blue was pecking at the stones and were fascinated to learn that chickens eat stones to help them digest their food in their stomach as they obviously don’t have teeth like us with which to chew!

We had a fantastic time as always. Thank you to Jason!


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