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Hazel Class at Forest School (week 3)

A sunny afternoon greeted Hazel class for their third session and we made sure to wave to a hardworking Jason at the allotment on our way past.

Even with the time restriction of the afternoon we still managed to fit in quite a lot of activities. ‘Tribes’ was an ever popular game as usual and the same group of boys used their knowledge and imagination to set up a great base of operations using fallen logs and a tightly raised tarp. Great application of skills!

There was a restriction on fires this week mainly due to safety grounds, there was not enough water to douse many and still leave enough for refreshments so it was thought best to focus our efforts on separate activities. Confident tool use featured heavily as the children used hand saws, knives, secateurs and loppers to achieve their goals, whether it be: enhancing their dens, whittling sticks or making items for their role play. Some of the perseverance on show was fantastic and though reminders were handed out a few times about blood bubble and cutting direction, there were no injuries and all were successful. The rope swing went up (after we retrieved the carefully hidden seat) and it was raised in a better way this week meaning that it could be brought down with ease!

With the children hard at work with tools, some took a liking to chunks of charcoal discarded by other fires that hadn’t been cleared properly (unlike ours). There were tribal markings going on and many painted faces roamed the woods. With a bit of support and direction, some children were pointed in the direction of the elder tree which was felled a few weeks ago by Cherry class. They started to have a go at making charcoal pencils! Using a hard, narrow stick they poked and picked out the pith from a length of elder which they had cut and then, being very careful, selected a piece of cold, crumbly charcoal from the fire and wedged it into the gap. A makeshift pencil was born! In future sessions the children may even get a chance to make real charcoal using some willow and a tin in the fire but this was a great start!

With the main fire lit and roaring, the kettle was on and hot chocolates and biscuits were handed out. Mrs Sweeting also brought along some marshmallows which was a real treat. It set us up nicely to talk about the final week next week on Weds 17th. S’mores to come!

Until then,

Mr Blake.


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